How to change your geolocation on the Internet using a VPN

How to use VPN to change location

Hello, my name is Nicolas Cuts. I am an employee of Switcherry VPN. Today’s entry in our blog is dedicated to geolocation on the Internet.

You are probably well aware that if an Internet user does not take any measures to ensure their anonymity, it is very easy to determine their geolocation. As soon as you go online, your location – country and region – is easily located by IP address. By IP, you can even find out your exact home address, since it is known to your Internet service provider. It’s even easier to find out the location of tablet and smartphone owners.

The GPS system built into modern mobile devices determines the user’s coordinates with an accuracy of several meters. It is obvious that in modern conditions it is impossible to maintain anonymity without hiding or substituting geolocation. How to hide or change your location on the Internet and will be discussed in this article.

Why change your geolocation on the Internet

Why change your geolocation on the Internet
Change your geolocation on the Internet

There are many reasons why you would want to hide your real location:

  • the first reason mentioned above is to ensure anonymity and confidentiality. Only anonymity guarantees freedom of speech on the Internet;
  • another reason is to bypass geo – blocking: some websites only grant access to their content to residents of certain countries, blocking residents of other states. To unblock such sites, it is enough to substitute geolocation. Changing the geolocation will also help circumvent Internet censorship;
  • some online stores sell the same product at different prices to residents of different countries. When ordering online, the cost of air tickets sometimes depends on the location of the client. The same can be said about booking hotel rooms. To make purchases at minimum prices in online stores, book flights, book hotel rooms, you need to be able to hide and fake your geolocation on the Internet;
  • all popular streaming services provide access to their content based on the user’s location. The subscription price and the library of available movies are different for different countries. Changing the geolocation will help you buy a subscription at the lowest price and get unlimited access to all movies and TV series of the video service.

How does a VPN change your country and other data

Any Internet user has his own IP address, which is assigned to him by his Internet service provider. If the user does not take any measures to protect personal data, then this IP address is «visible» to all Internet resources that he visits. By IP, it is easy to determine its real location. VPN technology allows an Internet user to hide their own IP address, replacing it with an arbitrary IP with a given geolocation.

changing geolocation
Changing geolocation

VPN technology is based on the creation of so – called «tunnels» – secure encrypted connections between computers and other devices of clients and servers of the VPN provider. After creating a «tunnel», the user’s own IP address is securely hidden, being replaced by the IP address of the VPN server. Along with the IP, the user’s «visible» geolocation also changes.

That is, if the user is physically located, for example, in Australia, and the server of the VPN provider to which he connected is located in Germany, then all Internet resources visited by the user will assume that he is also located in Germany. The best VPN providers have servers in many countries around the world and their customers can choose any of these countries to change their geolocation.

Other methods of changing geolocation

You can also hide and change your location on the Internet using a proxy server and a Tor browser.

Change geolocation using a highly anonymous proxy server

proxy server
Proxy server

If you access the Internet through a highly anonymous (elite) proxy server, then your «visible» IP address becomes the IP address of the proxy server. Accordingly, your new location will be the location of this proxy server. In addition to highly anonymous proxies, there are other types of proxy servers: transparent and anonymous. But only highly anonymous proxy servers are guaranteed to change your geolocation, because transparent proxies do not hide your real IP, and anonymous proxies tell web resources that you are using a proxy server.

Change geolocation using the Tor browser

Tor browser
Tor browser

The Tor browser securely hides your location while encrypting your traffic. Each data packet passes through a chain of three randomly selected Tor network proxy servers. Your new IP address and geolocation turns out to be the IP address and geolocation of the last, third proxy server in this chain. It is almost impossible to track the Tor browser user’s own IP address.

What is the best way to change geolocation

Changing geolocation with a VPN is in every way better than all other methods: easier, more convenient, faster, more reliable and safer.

Advantages of VPN

  • a large selection of countries for changing geolocation: using a VPN, you can easily change your geolocation by selecting the country you need from the list provided by your VPN provider. Good VPN providers have servers in dozens of countries around the world, so you can choose dozens of countries to change your geolocation. Those who use a proxy server do not have such a choice – their new location can only be the only country in which the proxy server is located. When using a Tor browser, it is generally impossible to predict what the «visible», «external» IP will be, and therefore the new geolocation, since the chain of proxy servers of the Tor network is made up randomly ;
  • very simple geolocation change: the desired country is selected from the list in the VPN client and set with just one click, while those who use a proxy server to change geolocation first need to find another proxy server and then enter its data (IP and port) in the Internet connection settings.
  • security: a VPN encrypts data, protecting you from tracking and hacker attacks, while a regular (non-HTTPS) proxy server transmits data in unencrypted form.
  • high speed: only a VPN guarantees the high data transfer speed needed to download files from torrents and watch videos on streaming services.
  • convenience of working with multiaccounts: sometimes it is necessary to create several accounts on the same Internet service, which may contradict its rules. With a VPN, it is very easy to create and maintain multiple accounts, linking each account to a separate region or country.
  • guaranteed geoblocking bypass: good VPN providers own thousands of servers with tens or even hundreds of thousands of available IP addresses, which allows their clients to bypass the most advanced geoblocking sites. The user of the proxy server has only one IP, in case of compromise of which he will have to look for another proxy server.

How to change your location using our service

The Switcherry VPN company offers for download, installation and free use VPN clients for computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, iPads running operating systems Windows 7,8,10, Android, iOS, Mac OS, as well as a browser extension Google Chrome. After installing the VPN client, the user easily and simply changes their geolocation by selecting the desired country from the list.

On computers and laptops

Download and install the VPN client designed for your operating system. Once installed and running, the ready-to-use VPN client looks like this:

Download and install the VPN
Download and install the VPN

Now, if you click on the round «CONNECT» icon in the center of the program window, your VPN client will connect to the VPN server closest to you, creating a secure «tunnel». After creating the tunnel, the label «CONNECT» will change to «STOP» and you will see your new IP address and geolocation (in the screenshot of the IP –, new location – Germany, Berlin):

click on the round CONNECT
Click on the round «CONNECT»

However, a randomly selected VPN server and a new geolocation may not be what you need, so instead of clicking on the «CONNECT» icon, click on the «Fastest Mode» button. You will see a list of countries where Switcherry VPN has servers (now, in March 2021, the SwitcherryVPN VPN provider has servers in almost seventy countries):

a list of countries
A list of countries

Scroll down and up in the list and click on the line to select the country you need from the list. If, for example, you chose Canada, then after creating a secure connection with the VPN server, the program window will look like this (in the screenshot, the new IP is, the new geolocation is Canada, Toronto):

select the country you need
Select the country you need

On smartphones and tablets

Changing geolocation on mobile devices is just as easy as on computers and laptops. The interface of the ready-to-use application looks like this (the VPN client is not yet connected to the VPN server):

The interface
The interface

To select the country you need, click on the button with the flag and the name of the state (in the screenshot, this is Singapore). A full list of available countries will appear:

list of available countries
List of available countries

After selecting the desired country from the list, the VPN client will immediately establish a secure connection with the VPN server (in the screenshot, the selected country is Canada, the new geolocation is the city of Toronto, the new IP –

selecting the desired country from the list
Selecting the desired country from the list

However, it should be remembered that in modern mobile devices, the location is determined not only by the IP address, but also by GPS-a global positioning system that, using radio signals from GPS satellites, finds the user’s coordinates with high accuracy. Therefore, if you want to be guaranteed to protect yourself from tracking, always disable the option in your device settings that allows you to track your location.


1. Can I choose a specific country?

1. Can I choose a specific country?

Yes, you can select any country, provided that this country is listed in your VPN client. But, unfortunately, not necessarily in this list there is exactly the country that you need. It all depends on the capabilities of your VPN provider. Good VPN providers have servers in dozens of countries around the world, mediocre ones-no more than ten, therefore, customers of good VPN providers have a much wider choice. Therefore, before you give preference to a particular VPN provider, find out if it has servers in the country you are interested in. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Switcherry VPN has servers in almost 70 countries around the world, so the company’s customers will almost certainly find the country they need to change their geolocation.

2. How much does it cost?

2. How much does it cost?

Usually, a high-quality VPN service is provided to customers on a paid basis. Switcherry VPN is a nice exception to this rule. Ordinary customers of the company can enjoy all the advantages of a first-class VPN service for free – security and anonymity at high Internet speed.

3. Will a free VPN allow me to watch streaming services?

3. Will a free VPN allow me to watch streaming services?

Probably not. A free VPN service almost always significantly reduces the data transfer rate, which makes it very difficult or even impossible to watch streaming videos. However, the company Switcherry VPN owns thousands of high-performance servers, so the company’s customers usually do not experience any difficulties when watching movies and TV shows on streaming services.


  • if an Internet user does not take any measures to protect their personal data, their location can be easily determined by their IP address;
  • the location of mobile users is determined using GPS;
  • without changing the geolocation, it is impossible to ensure your anonymity, bypass blocking and censorship, and make purchases on the Internet at minimal prices;
  • VPN changes the user’s geolocation, replacing his own IP address with the IP address of the VPN server;
  • geolocation can also be changed using a Tor browser and a proxy server;
  • using a VPN is the easiest and most reliable way to change your geolocation;
  • to protect yourself from tracking on mobile devices, disable the ability to track your location in the settings of your gadget;
  • Switcherry VPN company offers its customers for free installation and use of VPN clients for computers and mobile devices with a user-friendly interface and a large selection of countries for changing geolocation.

Author: Nicolas Cuts

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