How to watch Disney Plus via VPN

How to watch Disney Plus with VPN

For the past 60 years, television and movie theaters have vied with each other for the attention of the viewer. Today, they have been replaced by streaming services that allow you to watch all the new products at home, right on the day of the premiere. This is convenient and profitable, because on average a movie ticket costs 20-25$, which is equal to two to three months of subscription to the streaming platform. And unlike a movie theater, you get access to a huge library of content, not just one particular movie.

The streaming service Disney Plus was launched in November 2019, and in 2021 the number of users exceeded 100 million. What is offered to subscribers?

  • Movies and TV series of the universe “Star Wars”;
  • Movies and TV series of the comic universe “Marvel”;
  • Old and new cartoons “Disney” and “Pixar”;
  • Documentary programs “National Geographic”;
  • Content from “Star”.
In addition, you will find more than 700 movies and almost 200 TV series — some available exclusively on Disney Plus.

However, the streaming platform is still available for a small number of regions, which makes it difficult to access while staying in another country. And do not forget that in different regions, the subscription price is different, and the content provided is significantly different.

700 movies and almost 200 TV series on Disney Plus
You will find more than 700 movies and almost 200 TV series on Disney Plus

My name is Nicolas Cuts, I am an employee of Switcherry VPN, and today you will learn how to watch Disney plus with VPN from anywhere in the world, how to save on a subscription and get the most contentP

Why do I need a VPN for Disney Plus and other streaming services

Here are 4 reasons why you should install a VPN to view Disney Plus:

  1. You live in a place where a Disney Plus subscription is not available;
  2. You own a Disney Plus account and are going on a trip abroad, where streaming is not available, and now you can’t watch anything. It’s a shame not only for the inability to enjoy your favorite content, but also for the money spent on a subscription;
  3. The cost of a monthly and annual subscription depends on the country. By changing the IP address, you will be able to save most of the money.
  4. If you do not live in the United States, then you probably have limited content and streaming functionality. Different states have their own legal and licensing agreements, which are why some of the content is blocked.

How a VPN solves the problem and why exactly a VPN

Streaming is not available everywhere — we realized this. Regional restrictions are implemented by blocking a certain range of IP addresses belonging to the local provider. In fact, the service is blocked not for the country, but for a number of IP addresses.

Let’s simulate the situation: you went on vacation to another country and found that Disney Plus does not work. You don’t want to be left without your favorite entertainment, so you start looking for a way out. 100% you will be offered three options: proxy, TOR and VPN. From the first two it is recommended to immediately abandon and now you will understand why.


TOR browser
TOR browser

The TOR browser or The Onion Router works on the principle of the popular Chrome and Opera, but with one difference. When using TOR, traffic is transmitted through several routers, and the more of them — the higher the anonymity. However, this implies a minus — the connection speed drops noticeably, causing slowdowns when uploading videos and photos. You will unlock Disney Plus, but because of the low speed, you simply will not be able to watch anything, especially in Full HD or 4K.

A number of training programs completely block TOR – when you try to get to such a site, you can stumble upon endless captchas or see the 404 error.

Sum up: TOR — it is:

  • Slowly;
  • Unreliably;
  • Attracts unnecessary attention.


proxy server
Proxy server

Proxy — a server that acts as an intermediary between the device and the network. The data is first sent to the server, and then redirected to your device. In 99% of cases, you will not be able to log in to Disney Plus, because most proxies are free and slow services whose IP addresses have long been blacklisted by streaming services, including Disney Plus.

Even if you manage to get a white IP through a proxy, all the other information about you that the browser transmits (surfing history, user agent, hardware, DNS) will remain the same, which makes it easy for Disney Plus algorithms to understand that you are trying to bypass the block. As a result, your subscription may be blocked without the possibility of a refund.

On proxy servers, there are often overloads and failures, due to which the quality of the connection deteriorates, so you will not be able to comfortably watch high-resolution videos. Paid proxies are expensive and do not work much better than their free counterparts.

Another good reason to stop using a proxy is its unreliability. Traffic is easy to view, and some proxy servers even trade users personal data.


How a vpn works
How a vpn works

VPN — a virtual private network that creates a secure connection between the device and the Internet. As in the case of a Proxy, you do not access the Internet directly, but through a VPN server. But in the case of a VPN, a connection is created between your device and the server, protected by special encryption algorithms (tunnel). At the output, all the information transmitted by your browser is substituted. Thus, for the Disney Plus service, you will simply be a new device on the network from the desired region.

Possible problems when browsing via VPN

Disney+ — a giant corporation that earns billions of dollars a year from the rental of movies and cartoons, the sale of things, toys and souvenirs. With the advent of the streaming platform, the company’s revenue has grown significantly, and they do not want to lose money because of people who decided to save money. Therefore, the IP addresses of VPN services are often blocked, and it is no longer possible to use the platform through them. This practice is not new, and this often happens with thongs, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video .

What to do if your VPN is still blocked by Disney+

We know about blocking, we have repeatedly encountered it, and we offer a simple solution. Every day, our employees track which servers are blocked, and then work begins to eliminate the blockage. If you need to use streaming right now, then in the client settings, just select a different IP address, location, and DNS server.

For more confidence, we recommend:

  • When viewing through a browser, use the mode “Incognito”;
  • Clear the cache and cookies before starting the VPN;

Now everything will work, and you can find out the best servers for Disney Plus at any time from the SwitcherryVPN technical support specialists, who work 24/7 and respond within a minute or two. We provide a selection of 5,900 + servers located in more than 130 countries.

Errors when viewing Disney Plus via VPN

Disney+ users often get errors 73 and 83. What do these errors mean?

Error 73
Error 73

Error 73 — the reason is that the service is unavailable in your region or you choose a VPN server for which streaming is blocked. Solution — change IP-address.

Error 83
Error 83

Error 83 — it appears when you try to log in to your account from a place where streaming is not officially launched. Also, the error may occur due to a bad connection. In the first case, we recommend changing the IP, in the second, check with the provider — there may be problems on the line.

Poor speed

Most new Disney Plus products — blockbusters packed with special effects and specially created for viewing in Full HD and 4K. For 4K, you need a fast Internet connection, which is often difficult. The reason for this may be the poor quality of the connection provided by the provider. Often, Internet providers artificially underestimate the speed or provide poor routing — that is, the traffic goes on such a long route that the speed drops in the process.

A slow VPN can also ruin your browsing experience. In the case of SwitcherryVPN, this will not cause any problems – our VPN client will automatically detect the server with the highest connection speed. You can check this on the page The speed will not drop, and in some cases it may increase due to better routing.

Download speed statistics for different VPN
Download speed statistics for different VPN

To view videos in Full HD resolution, you will need a speed of about 10 mbit/s, and for 4K about 25 mbit/s. The tests below were made in the evening — during the peak load, when there are most often interruptions to the Internet. The speed of 70 + mbit/s is more than enough for comfortable viewing of video in 4K.

Speed test while using a VPN. Testing was conducted using Speedtest by Ookla
Speed test while using a VPN. Testing was conducted using Speedtest by Ookla

How to watch Disney Plus with Switcherry VPN

Next, we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to view Disney Plus using our service from anywhere in the world.

 Why Switcherry

  1. It is free;
  2. Disney Plus is not compatible with some VPN services. Switcherry is fine with that;
  3. High speed will help you forget about video buffering;
  4. We do not store our users data;
  5. Confidentiality;
  6. Reliability and safety;
  7. Traffic protection with military-grade 256-bit encryption;
  8. Technical Support 24/7;
  9. Choose from 120+ countries;
  10. Ability to run Switcherry VPN simultaneously on 7 devices;

This is what you will see if you try to use the service from Poland, Romania and other regions where it is not available.

Disney is not available
Disney is not available

To access thousands of TV shows, movies, and shows in just 5 minutes, follow these simple steps.

Download the Switcherry VPN client from the official website. For smartphones, look for the app in Google Play and AppStore.

Download page
Download page

Select the desired region.

Country selection menu
Country selection menu

Tap “Connect”.

The launch pad
The launch pad

All right, now open up Disney Plus.

Device is connected to a VPN-server
Device is connected to a VPN-server

Done, stock up on popcorn and hurry up to watch the best shows!

Disney Plus home page
Disney Plus home page

Disney Plus payment via VPN

If you already own a DisneyPlus account, then when traveling to another country, just change the IP to make the service work. However, if you want to use streaming from a region where it is not available, there will be difficulties with payment. To purchase a subscription, you need a card from an American bank or any other one where Disney Plush operates. There is a solution for this situation for iOS and Android.


Launch Switcherry VPN and select a US IP address;

  1. Open the Google Play Store and create a new account, specifying the United States of America as your region. After that, do not rush to log in;
  2. Buy a Google Play gift card with enough money to pay for your subscription. Buy from trusted services, such as Amazon or PayPal;
  3. In Google Play, activate the map. You will be asked to enter an American zip code, but you can use any other one;
  4. In Google Play, in the settings, add a new account that you just created, log in to it;
  5. Download the Disney Plus app, register and pay with the funds that are already available on the Google balance after activating the card.


  1. Suitable for iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.
  2. If you already have an account, log out and click «Create a new Apple ID» in the AppStore;
  3. Choose the US region and don’t add any payment method;
  4. Purchase an iTunes Gift Card;
  5. Activate it in the AppStore;
  6. Connect to an American IP address;
  7. Install the DisneyPlus app, and use the activated card when paying.


Subscribe via your smartphone, and then log in to your account via the browser.


1. Is it legal?

1. Is it legal?

Using VPN — legal. The practice of blocking is popular because of the desire of streaming platforms to earn more money. You pay for the use, so you can watch all the content absolutely legally. Please note that in some states, VPN is illegal or its use is limited. These countries include Iran, Iraq, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, China, Russia, Belarus, and Turkmenistan. If you live or are going to visit one of these places, we recommend that you read the legislation.

2. In which country does Disney Plus provide the most content?

2. In which country does Disney Plus provide the most content?

Leaders in the amount of content — are the USA and New Zealand, where more than 700 films and 160 TV series are available, in the UK almost 700 films, about 100 TV series, in Germany more than 180 films and about 50 TV series. In addition, special subscriptions are available in some regions. In Indonesia and India, you can get DisneyPlus and Hotstar, which provides its own content, with a single subscription. In the US, for $13.99/month, you can subscribe to 3 services at the same time: Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+.

Hulu produces its own movies and TV series, and on ESPN+ you can watch the latest sports matches of the NHL, NBA, MLB, etc.

3. Where is the cheapest subscription?

3. Where is the cheapest subscription?

Country Price per month Price per year
United States $7.99 $79.99
Canada $11,99 CAD ($9.5 US) $119.99 CAD ($95.4 US)
Great Britain £7.99 ($11) £79.99 ($110.3)
Costa-Rica $5.99 $59.99
India (Disney Plus + Hotstar) Rs 299 ($4) Rs 1.499 ($20.5)
Germany 8.99 € ($10.5) 89.99 € ($105.6)
New Zealand $11.99 $119.99
Uruguay $7.49 $74.99
Switzerland 12.90 CHF ($13.7) 129 CHF ($137)
Norway 89 NOK ($10.4) 890 NOK ($104.4)
Mexico MXN$ 159 ($7.8) MXN$ 1.599 ($78.8)

In India, an annual subscription is almost 4 times cheaper than in other countries, but there is also less exclusive content. However, if you are satisfied with the provided movies and TV series, then why not save money?


Using Disney Plus via VPN — it is convenient, profitable, and very simple, as you have seen for yourself. Download Switcherry absolutely for free and watch new episodes of your favorite TV series soon. With you was Nicolas Cuts, thank you for your attention!

Author: Nicolas Cuts

Product Managers at SwitcherryVPN. Have 5 years background in management and marketing. I never stop learning!

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