How to access the Hulu, using VPN

How to watch Hulu with VPN

Hello, my name is Nicolas Cuts. I am an employee of Switcherry VPN. Now I will tell you how to watch the Hulu with VPN from anywhere in the world.

Hulu – an American streaming service with a multi-million audience, second only to Netflix in terms of subscribers. Despite the fact that Hulu’s movie catalog is not as extensive as Netflix’s, the service is developing dynamically and is very popular, thanks to the fact that new episodes and episodes of the best TV series get into the Hulu library much faster than its competitors. The majority stake is owned by the Walt Disney company, which regularly adds its new films to the library of the video service, which only adds to its popularity.

Due to license restrictions under rules of Hulu legal access to the service can only be obtained by residents of the United States. Now the service also works in Japan, but the catalogs of films offered for viewing are different for each country. In the current 2021 year, Hulu plans to start working in other countries around the world. But until now, Hulu’s powerful geo-blocking system does not allow access to the service not only for residents of other countries, but also for US citizens who are abroad. This article will tell you how to use VPN technologies to bypass Hulu geoblocks and get full access to the video service from any country in the world.


Why do I need a VPN for Hulu and other streaming services

All popular streaming platforms are geo-dependent, meaning the terms of use, subscription price, and catalog of content allowed to be viewed vary from country to country. VPN allows you to bypass geo-blocking by replacing your own IP with the IP address of another country and get the best conditions – maximum opportunities with minimal costs.

You bought a subscription, went to another country, and the video service denied you access

If you bought an annual subscription to Hulu in the United States, then after moving to another country, the video service will block you from watching your favorite movies and TV shows. When you try to use the service, you will see something like this message:


To solve this problem is very simple – any good VPN provider allows you to choose the geolocation of the VPN server with an IP address that will hide your current location. That is, to unblock the video service, you need to change your current IP to any American IP address, using the capabilities of VPN technology.

Subscription in your country is expensive, you want to buy a subscription from another country

Even within the European Union, the cost of a monthly Netflix subscription varies from country to country. The lists of available movies also vary. To buy a subscription at the lowest price, just change your IP address to the IP address of the country where the subscription cost is minimal.

You want to buy a subscription in a country with better terms, such as the United States

It is well known that only subscribers from the United States get access to all movies and TV series of streaming services. Subscribers from other countries have to make do with severely curtailed libraries. To get free access to all content from any country, you need to go to the website of the video service «under the American flag», that is, replace the «native» IP address with an American one.

How a VPN solves the problem and why VPN

As you understand, to bypass the blocking and restrictions of Hulu and other streaming services, you need to hide your real IP address. You can securely replace your IP not only with a VPN, but also with a proxy-server or a Tor-browser. But only a VPN will solve the problem and here’s why:

  • Proxy-server – only a highly anonymous (elite) proxy server will reliably hide your real IP address. The problem is that the IP addresses of free proxy servers are well known, and the companies that provide the proxy server rental service are also known. The administration of streaming services monitors and blocks not only individual free proxies, but also the entire range of IP addresses belonging to the lessor companies of commercial proxy servers.
  • Tor-browser – due to the low connection speed, it is completely unsuitable for streaming video. Another problem is that you cannot influence the choice of a suitable «external» IP address, since in the Tor network, the proxy servers through which data is transmitted are randomly selected.
  • Free public access VPN – it usually has a low connection speed, making it difficult to watch streaming video. Also, most of the IP addresses of free VPN servers are well-known and blacklisted by the administrations of streaming services .
  • VPN-service, owned by a good provider – the only way is guaranteed to solve the problem. The best VPN providers have thousands of servers in dozens of countries around the world and regularly update the line of available IP addresses. Some of them, such as Switcherry VPN, offer ordinary customers (for non-commercial use) free access to the services.

Possible problems when viewing through VPN

Due to the fact that the administration of streaming services continuously monitors and blocks «suspicious» IP addresses, problems can arise not only when using a free VPN, but also with the best paid VPN services.

Blocking VPN servers

Hulu, like other streaming services, it blacklists the IP addresses of all detected proxies and VPN servers. Each streaming service tries to determine whether a subscriber enters the video service site directly or through a proxy. Any suspicious IP address is blocked. If several subscribers use the same IP address, this IP address is immediately blacklisted. When you access the Hulu site from a blocked IP, you will see this message:


Hundreds and thousands of clients can use the same IP address on both free and paid VPNs (on minimum tariff plans). Therefore, despite the fact that good VPN providers constantly update and expand the list of available IP addresses, there is a high probability that sooner or later some IP will be blocked. The only way out of this situation is to ask the VPN provider to provide you with a «clean» personal IP. (This service is provided for a small additional fee.)

What to do if your VPN server is still blocked

It depends on which VPN provider you use:

  • choose a different IP if your VPN client allows it. It is likely that the newly selected IP address will not be blocked;
  • if you have a free public VPN, such as the one built into the Opera browser, and you can’t choose your own IP, disconnect and reconnect to the Internet. After that, you will almost certainly have a different IP. But the probability that the new IP address will not be blocked is small, since the IP addresses of free VPN servers are well known and have long been blocked by Hulu and other video services;
  • if you have a personal IP address provided by a VPN provider, contact the support service with a request to provide you with a new IP that is not blacklisted by the video service.

Poor speed

Low data transfer rates are a distinctive feature of most free VPNs, as they usually use overloaded, low-power servers. The best VPN providers, including Switcherry VPN, have powerful high-speed servers that are perfectly adapted for streaming video. But even the best paid VPN services will slow down the Internet speed if you use a complex encryption protocol that requires significant server computing power. Many VPN providers allow customers to choose the cryptographic protocol that is most suitable for each specific case. For streaming video, PPTP is best suited, as it has a minimal impact on the data transfer rate.

How to watch Hulu with SwitcherryVPN

To watch Hulu outside of the United States, you need to install the Switcherry VPN client on your device. The following is a detailed guide for installing the VPN client and registering on Hulu.

Step-by-step instructions

From the main page of the company’s website Switcherry VPN go to the download page of the VPN client for your device.


The Switcherry VPN service is available for devices running the following operating systems:

  • Windows – for desktop and laptop computers running by Windows 7,8,10;
  • Android – for tablets;
  • iOS – for iPhones and iPads;
  • MacOS – for computers running by Mac OS;
  • Chrome – for tablets and laptops running by Chrome ОС.
To the customer – Note: it is not quite clear what is meant by Chrome – the operating system or the browser – I decided that the OS, if I am wrong-replace the text with «for browsers Google Chrome».

Configuring the VPN client connection (using the example for Windows)

After downloading and installing, launch your VPN client. At the first launch, you will see the welcome windows and terms of use:

Next window

Next window-1
Next window

In the next window, the program asks for permission to add itself to the startup of Windows:

Startup of Windows
Startup of Windows

If you click on the «Allow» button, the VPN client will automatically start every time you turn on your computer. If you select «Don’t Allow», you will have to run the program manually, by clicking on the icon on the desktop or by running file SwitcherryVpn.View.DesktopApp.exe from the Explorer.

The VPI client window looks like this:

VPI client window
VPI client window

If you now click on the CONNECT button in the center of the window, your VPI client will find and connect to the VPN server closest to you. But this server won’t necessarily be the one you need. To select the desired geolocation, click on the «Fastest Mode» button. A list of available countries will appear:

Select the country
Select the country you need from the list – in our case, the United States.

After that, you will connect to the United States VPN server. The program will display your current «visible» IP address and the city where the VPN server is located:

STOP button
STOP button

To break the connection with the VPN server and go back to the Internet directly, just click on the round STOP button in the center of the window.

Creating an account on Hulu

Launch your browser and go to the site Hulu:

Site Hulu
Site Hulu

If you have an American bank card or an American PayPal account, you can immediately register on Hulu, otherwise see the section «Payment with a gift card» read more on this page.

Click on the button «START YOUR FREE TRIAL», to start the registration procedure on the video service and select your tariff plan:

Tariff plan
Tariff plan

To register, enter your personal data:

Personal data
Personal data

Then fill in your bank card details:

Bank card details
Bank card details

You can take any American ZIP code. But it is better that it corresponds to your IP, that is, if you entered the Hulu site through a VPN server located in New York, then take the New York ZIP code.

But there may be a problem: the fact is that Hulu only accepts American bank cards, payment via PayPal is possible only if the user of the payment service was registered in the United States.

Payment with a gift card

To get around this obstruction, you can use the service MyGiftCardSupply, where you can order Hulu gift card:

Hulu gift card
Hulu gift card

Choose the appropriate card – you can now order cards with a nominal value of 25, 50 and 100 dollars at a price of $29.96, $58.97 and $109.97, respectively.

Hulu gift card-2

Fill in the fields with your personal information – first name, last name, email address, phone number. Attention! – the e-mail address and phone number must be real, since the information about your card details will be sent to the email, and the verification code will be sent to the phone.

Pay for the gift card
Pay for the gift card

Pay for the gift card in a convenient way for you. After a while, you will receive an email with the details of the purchased card. Go to gift card Hulu activation page.

Important! Your VPN client must be running at this time and you must be connected to a United States VPN server.
Enter your gift code
Enter your gift code

Enter your gift code and click on the REDEEM button. After that, start the registration process on Hulu as described higher.

After signing up, log in to Hulu with your account and enjoy the latest movies and serials.


With the help of SwitcherryVPN, you can watch any Hulu movies and serials without restrictions from anywhere in the world.


1. Is it legal?

1. Is it legal?

Yes, absolutely legal. Wherever you are, you can watch Hulu movies and serials with Switcherry VPN, without fear of any penalties and, even more so, prosecution.

2. Is it really possible to watch Hulu through a free VPN?

2. Is it really possible to watch Hulu through a free VPN?

Usually you can’t. The IP addresses of most free VPN servers are generally known and blocked by the Hulu administration. However, good VPN providers are constantly updating and expanding the range of available IP addresses. Switcherry VPN is a trusted VPN provider that owns a huge number of servers in dozens of countries around the world, including the United States, that are not blacklisted by Hulu. For ordinary customers, Switcherry VPN provides free access to the service.

3. Can I sign up and pay for Hulu via a VPN from another country (not the United States)?

3. Can I sign up and pay for Hulu via a VPN from another country (not the United States)?

Yes, you can. Select any American IP address that is not blacklisted by Hulu and log in to the video service with that IP. However, you can only pay for a Hulu subscription with an American bank card or using PayPal, if the account was registered in the United States. If you do not have accounts in American banks and payment systems, the easiest way is to use the service MyGiftCardSupply, where to buy a Hulu gift card.

4. If you install a VPN on the router, then Hulu will be available for all devices?

4. If you install a VPN on the router, then Hulu will be available for all devices?

Yes, it will, because the VPN server will replace the IP addresses of all devices connected to the router. But, according to the rules of Hulu, you can watch movies from one account at the same time from no more than two devices.

5. Can I watch Hulu via Switcherry VPN from India, England, Australia?

5. Can I watch Hulu via Switcherry VPN from India, England, Australia?

Yes, with SwitcherryVPN, you can freely watch Hulu movies and TV series from India, England, Australia, just like from any other country in the world.


  • Hulu – a popular American streaming service that only residents of the United States have access to;
  • Hulu it has a powerful geoblocking system, which can only be bypassed by using American proxies and VPN servers that are not blacklisted by the video service;
  • Hulu administration continuously monitors and blocks proxy servers;
  • to bypass the Hulu block, use a reliable VPN provider;
  • for a small additional fee, good VPN providers provide their customers with a personal American IP that is not blacklisted by Hulu;
  • SwitcherryVPN has many servers in the United States that are not blacklisted by Hulu. The service is free for ordinary users.

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