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How to watch Netflix with VPN

You may decide to use a VPN to watch Netflix for various reasons. Whether it’s a desire to bypass the Netflix VPN block, or save on a subscription – it doesn’t matter, you will inevitably face difficulties. This may be a low-quality VPN service, which causes buffering and freezing of video, or a complex process of configuring it. But knowing that the entire Netflix library has about 3,712 movies, and more than 4,500 TV series-it’s still worth trying to get access to most of it.

How to access Netflix via VPN
How to access Netflix via VPN

My name is Nicolas Cuts, and in this article I will tell you how to watch Netflix with VPN. I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do this via SwitcherryVPN. And you’ll also learn why it’s almost impossible to access Netflix with other tools.

Why do I need a VPN for Netflix and other streaming platforms

Number of Netflix
Number of Netflix series and movies in different countries

Your subscription is not available in another country

Your actual location determines what TV shows and movies you can watch. For US residents, the platform delivers more licensed video than for citizens of other states. For comparison, on the same tariff plans, only a third of the entire video library will be available to a UK citizen.

If you decide to watch Netflix while abroad, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. You may find that your favorite TV series is unavailable. In a foreign country, your subscription will be completely useless. And that’s just because Netflix doesn’t have broadcast rights here. In this case, a good VPN service will be indispensable.

Do you want to save money on your subscription

A VPN may be needed if you live in a place where the price of a monthly Netflix subscription is expensive. And you don’t want to pay the full subscription price when you’re interested in just one TV series. There is only one way out in this situation, to find a cheaper subscription. Such a package with a more attractive price tag exists – but for another country. Of course, you don’t have to move in this case, you can just change your virtual location.

You want maximum content

You want to buy a subscription in the country where the library is larger. For example, residents of Canada were less lucky with the choice of content than residents of French Guiana. Guianans can watch 803 TV shows and about 3,710 movies, while Canadians can watch only 629 TV shows and about 2,900 movies. Thanks to Switcherry-VPN, you don’t have to go to Guiana.

You want access to new products

Imagine that a new movie has been released, the release of which you have been waiting for a long time. But for some reason, its broadcast on the territory of your country is not provided. If the license to broadcast it belongs to another media company – then it will not appear in Netflix at all. This is especially unfair when the full price of the premium subscription is paid. After all, you are actually forced to pay for another streaming platform. You can’t officially access the video, but you can solve the problem with Switcherry.

You want to circumvent the censorship

You may face restrictions from your provider. If the government in your country considers that any content is not allowed – then the Internet service provider will immediately block it. In this case, using a VPN server is the only way to circumvent the ban.

How a VPN provides access to Netflix and why only a VPN service can help

The parameter that is used to determine the geolocation of users is the IP address. The IP address is a unique network node code (peer), and it cannot be forged.

You are the IP address of your device in the eyes of the provider. Based on the IP address, sites «understand» who interacts with them and from where, including using this information to display the page. The content of the page is adjusted so that only content licensed in your region is displayed.

Different Netflix pages
Different Netflix pages for Canada and France

How do sites understand where you are connecting from

Each device that is connected to the Internet has its own IP address. Your modem or access point gets its own from the provider.

My IP-address without VPN
My IP-address without VPN

When you go online without VPN, the following happens:

  • Your IP address becomes the address of your modem, router, or access point.
  • In addition, the DNS of your Internet provider that gave you this address becomes known.
  • By IP and DNS, Netflix determines where your device is located. This is possible because the providers issue IP addresses according to a clear order. For example, an Internet service provider from Mexico will never issue these addresses to users from Canada. According to the Mexican address, Netflix will not show the page for Canada.

If you start using VPN:

  • The DNS of your Internet service provider, and the IP address that it gave you, do not go further than the VPN server. Instead, you are assigned a different IP address, and the desired DNS.
  • Netflix will not receive your real data, but the data that the VPN server will transmit to it. In SwitcherryVPN, you can select any country. And for the entire Internet, your device will be located in the same place as the VPN server. That is, the sites interact only with one of our servers, which acts as an intermediary.
My IP address with a VPN for the USA
My IP address with a VPN for the USA

You can find out your IP address on this page .

Why other ways of changing geolocation are not suitable for Netflix

To ensure compliance with regional restrictions, streaming services actively oppose the practice of using VPNs. Netflix has one of the best protections in the world, which not all VPN services are able to bypass. And other, less technological methods will help only if a miracle happens.


Trying to use an anonymizer to view streaming videos is a waste of time.

Anonymizer, this is:

  • low operating speed;
  • the abundance of advertising;
  • high risk of your personal data being leaked.

Anonymizers are characterized by extremely high ping, communication interruptions. You will be very lucky if you use the anonymizer to wait for the Netflix home page to load.

TOR browser

If you compare the capabilities of a VPN, and such a common method of bypassing «geoblocks» as Tor, then for video streaming, the latter is absolutely not suitable.

This is due to the fact that when using the Tor browser, traffic is randomly distributed between the nodes. The nodes of the network in this case is the users browser. That is, these are the same users as you who decided to encrypt their connection. You exchange your IP address with them. After multiple exchanges of addresses, the traffic gets to the final node, and then to Netflix. In this case, the connection speed drops many times.

Proxy servers

If you try to use a Proxy server to connect, you are unlikely to get access to the video at all.

  1. Proxy-the connection does not provide the proper level of data encryption.
  2. Traffic from your device will pass through the Proxy server, and immediately get to the site.
  3. As soon as you try to access the Netflix library, you will immediately receive a proxy error message.
Mistake: m7111-5059

So a good VPN is the only valid way to circumvent the restrictions.

Possible problems when watching streaming video via VPN

As I mentioned earlier, problems with access to Netflix can also occur when using a VPN.

Blocking VPN servers by the security system Netflix

Netflix blocks many VPNsbecause an IP address is not the only way to identify a user. There is also a User-Agent, which is a small text file that your browser transmits. It contains information about your operating system, the browser itself, as well as the type of device from which the site is visited.

In addition, it is impossible to use the site normally if you do not allow it to collect cookies. Cookies are data that is stored on your device and sent to websites each time you visit them. They are used for authentication, storing personal settings, etc. Instead, User-Agent and Cookies allow sites to remember you, creating an impersonal portrait.

For example, you came on vacation, found that your subscription does not work. Naturally, you decided to try changing your IP. We tried anonymizers, TOR, and VPN. Nothing worked for you. And the Netflix protection system has already determined that absolutely the same browser, on the same operating system, goes online from different parts of the world within an hour.

Comparing the data on your lightning-fast movement back and forth, it is unlikely that Netflix will decide that you have the gift of teleportation. And most likely, it will block not only the IP address that you use, but also the entire range of IP addresses of the VPN server. Thus, sometimes even those who do not use VPN get blocked.

Advice: When connecting to Netflix via a VPN, use a separate browser or incognito mode.

What to do if Netflix still blocked your VPN

Despite our best efforts to ensure uninterrupted access to Netflix services, blockages do occur. If the users of most VPNs in this case will not be able to do anything, our clients just need to change the settings: IP network/DNS, location-and everything will work again.

Poor speed

It doesn’t matter if you need to encrypt your data and send it through a separate server, watch movies, or remain anonymous on the Internet, but in any case, it reduces the speed of your connection to the network. Moreover, the maximum connection speed is determined by the slowest link in the chain «You-Provider-VPN server-Netflix». In 99% of cases, the slowest link is the VPN server. That’s why it often happens that even when you connect to Netflix, you can’t watch videos properly. You just don’t have enough connection speed.

In terms of speed is influenced by the following factors:

  • The physical location of the server through which the connection is created. When using a VPN, the data is redirected through the selected server. Server remoteness – directly affects the speed of the established connection. The further away the user is, the longer the path traversed by the data. In other words, the closest servers receive data from a PC or smartphone faster, and load streaming video faster.
  • The load on the network. Server resources – CPU, memory, and others-are distributed equally among all connected addresses. The more connections there are, the fewer resources each address gets. Therefore, an excessive number of users on the same server creates a critical load. If the server load is minimal, the connection will be much faster.

Many VPNs are too slow to handle video streaming, which results in buffering and interrupting broadcasts. We are working hard to improve our VPN infrastructure, so watching a broadcast on Netflix, even in 4K resolution, happens to us almost at the same speed as with a direct connection.

How to watch Netflix with SwitcherryVPN

The functionality of the SwitcherryVPN website and applications is easy to understand, and it takes no more than 5 minutes to register in the system and install a secure connection. After authorization, new users are provided with three days of free service. Viewing TV shows using SwitcherryVPN is possible on devices that use the following operating systems:

  • Mac OS;
  • Windows 7,8, and 10;
  • iOS;
  • Android.

The use of SwitcherryVPN resources is possible using the Chrome browser extension. Below is a detailed description of the process of configuring applications and establishing a connection for each operating system.

Netflix via VPN in ОС Windows

1) To get started, you need to go to the page:, and create a personal account, or log in to an existing account.

Registration page
Registration page

2) In your personal account, install the software for Windows OS.

Download link
Download link for the installation package

3) After downloading, and installing the software, log in to the app. Along the way, agree to the service’s usage policy.

Completing the installation
Completing the installation
Automatic starting
Automatic starting

4) Now you need to log in to the Switcherry system using the app.

Settings icon in the upper-left corner
Settings icon in the upper-left corner
Account settings, login
Account settings, login
Entering data
Entering data

5) That’s it, now you can connect to VPN servers, and access video content from any country.

Working VPN
Working VPN

Choose the nearest server and connect the VPN app on your device. To improve performance, connect to the nearest VPN server. Where Netflix is most popular and publicly available, such as in Canada or the UK, there is a wider selection of available servers.

Netflix via VPN on Android

1) For Android devices, as well as for Windows, you first need to create a personal account, or log in to an existing account on the page:

2) For Android devices, as well as for Windows, you first need to create a personal account, or log in to an existing account on the page Play Market.

3) After downloading, and installing the software, log in to the app.

First login to the app
First login to the app

4) Now you need to log in using the app.

 Click on Menu
Click on «Menu», then go to «My Account» to enter your registration details

5) All that’s left is to connect to the servers to access any content or service package.

Setting up a connection
Setting up a connection

Netflix via VPN in iOS and MacOS

Viewing streaming video using SwitcherryVPN, on devices that use the iOS and MacOS operating systems, also implies the availability of appropriate software. The applications are loaded via iTunes.

Applications for  iOS
Applications for iOS
 The connection procedure for MacOS
The connection procedure for MacOS

Here, too, to get started, you need to go to the page:, and create a personal account, if you don’t have one. Then you need to install the program on your device, log in to your personal account and configure the connection. After that, you can start watching the video.

To watch TV shows from any streaming service, you can use almost 6,000 of our servers in 74 countries, covering more than 35 major cities in the world. Thanks to encrypted traffic, your browsing history and all your personal data remain as secure as technically possible.


1. Is it legal to use VPN services to view videos on Netflix?

1. Is it legal to use VPN services to view videos on Netflix?

Using a VPN is not a violation of the law in the United States, Europe, and much of the rest of the world. This is just a routed traffic flow through an encrypted server, which means nothing criminal.

However, there is a small list of countries where the use of VPN is illegal. Among them, there are countries where the use of only those services that have been approved by local supervisory authorities is prescribed by law. The authorities of a number of Republics allow the use of Virtual Private Network only for companies, but not for individuals.

Be careful when using Switcherry in the following states:

  • China;
  • Iran;
  • Oman;
  • Russia;
  • Turkey;
  • Turkmenistan;
  • Belarus;
  • Iraq;
  • Korea;
  • UAE.

It is possible that you will violate the user agreement. According to the user agreement, you have the right to view Netflix content within the country in which you registered your account. At the same time, broadcasting to a specific entertainment TV program is only possible in the territory where the platform has issued a license. In the same place, it says that the content that is available for viewing depends on the user’s geographical location (point 4.3). But there have not yet been any cases of blocking, or the application of other sanctions.

2. In which country does Netflix provide the most content?

2. In which country does Netflix provide the most content?

Of course, most of the content is provided to residents of the United States. In terms of the number of films shown, the leading positions are also occupied by American Samoa, Martinique and Guadeloupe. This also applies to TV broadcasts. For the foreseeable future, this list will remain unchanged. American Samoans have access to 98% of the video content available to Americans.

ТОП-10 the largest Netflix video library by country
ТОП-10 the largest Netflix video library by country

Site «Finder» compared the Netflix content libraries of all countries and calculated how many movies and TV shows are available to users. It should be understood that it will not be possible to determine the exact figures, since the content often depends on personal preferences, and on the specifics of each country. In Russia, for example, Netflix does not broadcast the series «Grey’s Anatomy», because the rights to it belong to The Walt Disney Company CIS.

A US resident who opens Netflix in Morocco will see such a screen in 97.5% of cases.
A US resident who opens Netflix in Morocco will see such a screen in 97.5% of cases.

The lowest percentage of content is available to residents of Albania and Morocco. The number of available movies and TV series here does not even reach 50 (2,7 % of the American library Netflix).

3. Which country has the lowest Netflix subscription?

3. Which country has the lowest Netflix subscription?

When comparing the cost for countries around the world, the lowest price for a monthly subscription is registered in Colombia. Here, this indicator is valid for each of the three tariff plans. The cost of a monthly subscription in Columbia is $ 4,90 for basic, $ 7,21 for standard, or $ 9,53 for premium.


By constantly expanding, Netflix and other streaming platforms are impacting demand, and the subsequent growth in the number of VPN services. This happens because using third-party servers is a way to get more licensed videos. The most common reason why access to the Netflix video library is blocked is a change in geolocation.

Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu, HBO, and other streaming services enter into licensing agreements with the copyright holders for broadcasts only in certain geographical areas.

Get access to any streaming platform, from anywhere in the world
Get access to any streaming platform, from anywhere in the world

In some parts of the world, individual films or TV shows may be banned altogether. Using Switcherry-VPN will open up the full range of potential video streaming services for you. You will gain the freedom of choice, and you will be able to:

  • get full access to your Netflix subscription, from anywhere in the world;
  • open a video library in any region – the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, and about 70 other countries;
  • securely encrypt your internet connection, ensuring complete privacy and security;
  • eliminate the possibility of buffering and interrupting the broadcast even at the highest video resolution;
  • get round-the-clock access to technical support consultations;
  • do not limit daily and monthly traffic, as is the case with other VPN services.

Read our article “How to watch HBO via VPN“.

Ookla’s Speedtest has confirmed that Switcherry VPN is, quote, “…the fastest VPN in the world.” Enjoy unlimited speed and bandwidth by streaming video on up to 7 devices simultaneously. Switcherry-VPN does not keep a record of visited websites or downloaded files. If a person is willing to pay for a subscription with the desired series, they should be able to do so. If a person has paid for the services of a streaming service, they must have access to their personal account, even in Europe, even in the United States.

Author: Nicolas Cuts

Product Managers at SwitcherryVPN. Have 5 years background in management and marketing. I never stop learning!

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