Best torrent sites for books

There are not many people who have not heard about torrent technology. It greatly simplifies life, allows you to download various information faster than analogues, and often for free. Therefore, torrent sites are to some extent a hotbed of pirated content. But despite the cheaper electronic versions of information (in our case, compared to printed publications), not everyone is still willing to pay for them. Especially if you are a real “book lover” and consume literature in huge quantities.

The problem is that with the growing popularity of torrent sites, access to them becomes more complicated. Due to the reliability of peer-to-peer networks, it is difficult to limit the distribution of unlicensed content, so the government of many countries prefers to block them at the level of an Internet provider. Yes, new projects are born like mushrooms after the rain. But can we trust all of them?

I have conducted a major study in this area, identified the most effective and popular sites that are working now and with a high probability will continue to work further. So, fans of interesting literature from fiction to popular science, take a cup of tea, Nicolas Cuts is here with you and we are going to explore the mysterious world of torrent services.

Quick facts about torrent sites

To begin with, a few basics for those who do not know. Experienced users can skip the section. Meet BitTórrent. This is an Internet protocol that allows you to exchange data based on P2P technology. That is, “from equal to equal”. If there are two participants in the usual system for downloading files from the network-the server and the client, then there are much more of them. But each of them is its own server and client in one person. A user participating in a peer-to-peer exchange simultaneously receives and gives information. Each client becomes a server to the extent that it has already downloaded the file. Someone is still giving only a couple of megabytes, because he just started downloading, and someone is giving the whole set of files entirely, because he has already downloaded everything.

The protocol was created by Bram Cohen back in 2001. And it still runs like clockwork. The torrent file itself, which you download to your computer and run in the program – is just a set of metadata. This is information about information. Specifically, the tracker, data about the file (the number and weight of segments), checksums and the access key.

A tracker is a data keeper about the exact number of participants present in a particular peer-to-peer network. About the exact number of the people who are downloading and distributing the file. These are seeders and leechers. The first ones are distributed, the second ones are pumped. But since the system is equal, almost every participant is a seed for someone, and for someone – a leecher.

The data about the segments are necessary to download torrent files correctly. It is always divided into parts of an average of 1 megabyte. This makes it easier to download and seed files simultaneously, otherwise you would have to download the entire file for seeding.

And the access key is used in torrent services to identify pot-boilers. Those who only download and immediately avoid seeding. Their account is usually blocked if the overall rating taken-given falls below 1, 0.5, 0.3, depending on the rules of the service. This is the end of the basic course and we are moving on to more interesting things.

What to pay attention to when choosing torrent sites for books

I am sure that real book lovers are constantly waiting for new books from their favorite authors. Therefore, we often have to monitor torrent sites for books. So, it would be nice to learn how to understand them to identify the best sites or to find new torrent sites later, if the old ones fall under the block or stop working.

What aspects are important for the user:

  • Variability of formats. The main gradation is based on two formats – text and audio. And the adherents of both sides do not stop their wars to this day. In fact, most of the world’s population, of course, prefers a more conservative text format of books. But audiobooks are more convenient for many, they allow you to combine listening and housework, they look great when traveling or on a trip to work. The bottom line is that torrent sites for books often specialize in one of these options. There are exceptions, but they are rare. If you choose a text format for books, remember that it also happens to be different. This is FB2, EPUB, MOBI or KF8. Well, the traditional TXT (yes, someone still downloads books in this format);
  • The ability to view the contents of the file. As we remember, a torrent file is metadata. And among them there is all the information about the final file that we will download from other network participants. And it’s just fine if the service allows you to view the contents of the file before downloading. Otherwise, we risk not getting exactly what we wanted. What prevents unscrupulous users from creating distributions of an advertising product, on the commission of which they are sitting? The principle is simple, advertising materials are passed off as a book, you download them and inadvertently view ads in search of your favorite novel. Let’s clarify right away that there are authors of giveaways who really pack advertising TOGETHER with the book. This is wrong, but not a disaster. But when they pack advertising INSTEAD of a book – this is fraud. Therefore, view the file before downloading;
  • The ability to select particular elements for downloading. Refers to the cases when there are several files in the distribution at once. Suddenly, the book is presented in 20 languages at once in the pack. But you only need one copy. Or a whole collection of hundreds of the best detectives is presented, and you only needed a couple. And again, by disabling unnecessary files in the torrent, you will get rid not only of unnecessary versions, but also of possible unwanted advertising;
  • The ability to fine-tune. This implies the priority of the stream, limits on seeding and downloading. The first factor will allow you to highlight more important torrents. This way you will download them earlier than the others. You can start with that particular book, that you have chosen. It is necessary to impose limitations on the torrent client’s consumption of your network resources. Maybe you are watching an online movie during the process, you don’t want to wait for buffering due to the fact that the torrent “devoured” all the speed;
  • The quality of the search for seeders. Let us explain: the more open seeders the service finds, the better the speed. After all, more peers are an indirect correlation with seeders. And their number already affects the download speed;
  • Availability of technical capabilities for pre-checking the file. If on a torrent site for downloading books, seeders are created by participants “in the snap of the finger” without any moderation, this is a problem. After all, in this case, nothing will prevent a potential attacker from placing a virus into a torrent. And these are both spyware and malware. Therefore, make sure that the moderators conduct at least a basic check of the files. It is also important how they react to the presence of viruses. If a complaint is received in the comments, the file should be temporarily closed for download and checked again. Remember that some unfair are quite capable of packing the virus directly into the book file itself. For example, in PDF. And then even the most vigilant moderator is unlikely to identify the problem. Only if he does not download it himself, after checking it with an antivirus. We recommend that you do the same. Check each downloaded file for threats. This will not last long, but it will protect you from malware, which may well steal account details, social network accounts and much more;
  • Comments of the users. Obviously, the more positive comments – the better. As well as comments under the torrent distribution can give a lot of interesting information about the file. So you will find out whether the distributor has put high-quality materials in the torrent, as well as just the opinion of people already specifically about this book or a series of books. Pleasant with useful, so to speak. And if there are viruses or “left” files, you will be warned with the help of comments. You have already realized that services where there are no comments under the seeding are not the best option.

Recommendation: beware of torrent sites that ask the user to link a bank card during registration or after. This is usually motivated “to simplify the possibility of further purchases, if they are suddenly needed.” So, the services themselves are overwhelmingly free in most cases. Yes, you can buy VIP accounts or other services on some of them, but this is not necessary.

If the service insistently asks or requires you to link the card, you know that money will be debited from you. Any careless mouse click and without any confirmation, you will make a purchase. Do you need such a risk?

Top 10 Torrent trackers for books

Let me present Top 10 torrent trackers that I personally collected. Let me make it clear from the very beginning – I did not sort the top participants by level. Therefore, there is no first, second, and so on position here. This is just a dozen of the most effective and convenient resources at the moment. Reliable projects that will definitely not be consigned into oblivion in a couple of weeks.

The Pirate Bay

Search results page on The Pirate Bay
Search results page on The Pirate Bay

Perhaps this is the most popular torrent tracker at the moment. It started its journey in 2013 and by 2018 it had officially become the best torrent repository on the network among many communities.

A distinctive feature of the project is its convenience and responsiveness of the interface to beginners. It is easy to manage, a simple search allows you not to get confused in categories. Plus, often the distributions are provided with a special symbol-VIP or “trusted distribution”. Accordingly, such torrents are quite worth trusting. Even checking for viruses is not strictly mandatory.

The site is a base for information of all directions, music, movies,games and other. But we are interested in books specifically. Yes, this is not the largest library in the world, but the largest torrent site. Therefore, here everyone will find the necessary work in almost 99% of cases. Plus, almost all the giveaways are live. The project’s community is huge, so there will be a couple of seeders even on the most outdated torrents.

  • founded in 2013;
  • there is an advertisement. There is at least one pop-up at the start and a pop-under when surfing;
  • there are both torrents with electronic text formats of books, and audiobooks (a minority);
  • the total number of torrents is huge, millions of live seedings, a lot of new products;
  • the average speed is 5-6 Mbit / s;
  • attendance – 15 million per month, not counting scraper sites;
  • in the top attendance, the United States is in first place, followed by India, Canada and Britain;
  • works great with VPN;
  • scraper sites –,

Checking torrents showed the following result:

  • Harry Potter-there are all parts, high speed, up to 90 seeders;
  • A song of ice and fire-there are all parts, high speed;
  • The Lord of the Rings-there are all parts, moderate speed.


RARBG main page
RARBG main page

One of the main competitors of the “Bay”. He distinguished himself by the high growth rate of the archive, but also gained unhealthy interest in his person from the governments of different countries. However, in this he did not go far from the” Bay”. It is banned in Bulgaria, Denmark, India, Saudi Arabia. And in some of the less significant countries, Morocco, Pakistan. Among the main European countries, Britain fell under the block.

A more modern interface, a lot of categories, but the overall size of the database is still inferior to the world’s first analog. In terms of the volume of the book library – in principle, the site has a lot of giveaways. But some of them are closed, in order to get access to it, you will have to become a member of the club, register.

The torrent site itself has convenient functions for the user, gives out the top ten most downloaded torrents, popular categories, new products, and so on. His feed feed will help you navigate the news.

  • founded in 2008;
  • average number of ads, mostly unobtrusive teasers;
  • only FB2 and audio formats of books are available;
  • there are a huge number of new products, but 90% of torrents are movies, TV series and TV shows;
  • average speed – 6 Mbit / s;
  • 12.3 million monthly users, but this figure applies only to the main address;
  • it is most popular in a number of European countries, primarily in the Czech Republic, as well as in African countries;
  • works great with Switcherry VPN;
  • scraper sites–,,

Checking a torrent site:

  • Harry Potter – not all parts, average download speed;
  • A Song of Ice and Fire-missing;
  • The Lord of the Rings-yes, high speed.


Searching results page on 1337x
Searching results page on 1337x

I visit this resource often. However, mainly for novelties in the film industry and documentary shows. But also as a library-it will quite compete with any source on the Internet. VPN is useful for those who live in European countries. In particular, England, Ireland, Austria. The block is also installed for visitors from Australia. However, a VPN is necessary not only to bypass the lock, but more on that later.

The resource is characterized by a fast response, convenient search by category. There is no separate option for the book depository, so we select “the rest”. As on many other sites in principle.

Separately, I would like to note the pleasant design of the torrent site. The number seedings is inferior to the leaders of the sphere, but the lag is not serious. If you are looking for something not too specific, you will definitely find it.

  • founded in 2007;
  • there are enough ads, at least 7 different ads were identified. Fortunately, there are no push-ups or pop-ups;
  • there are torrents of books in almost all formats, including audiobooks;
  • regular updates, new items appear quickly;
  • average speed of 3-4 Mbit / s;
  • 66 million visitors a month, although this is the total figure. After all, the site is blocked very few places, so it is not divided into dozens of mirrors. The main load goes to the central domain;
  • in the top popularity lists in the USA, Canada and India;
  • works with a VPN;
  • here are some of the scraper sites –,

Checking the site:

  • Harry Potter – all parts, high download speed, up to 160 seeders for books and 170 for audiobooks;
  • A Song of ice and fire – all parts, an average of 80 seeders, high speed;
  • The Lord of the Rings – all parts, up to 60 seeders, good speed.


Searching results page on TorLock
Searching results page on TorLock

One of the almost completely legal torrent trackers. This is its main advantage. However, this does not eliminate the need to use a VPN to preserve privacy. But access to it is allowed in almost any country.

Therefore, it is perfect for beginners who are not yet ready to dive into the not quite safe depths of the global network. Fast and convenient functionality that demonstrates both the load on a particular torrent, and the presence of a moderator check. Although, almost all distributions are checked on the site.

There is a separate section for books, so the search for literature is simplified even more. The only drawback is that some of the hands are abandoned and there are no seeders there. And they are unlikely to appear. Therefore, it will be problematic to download outdated materials.

  • founded in 2010;
  • there are a lot of advertising content, but there are no very intrusive ads among them. I counted 8 blocks in total. Which is understandable, since the site is almost legal, why not unwind in white ways. The platform is connected to many advertising networks;
  • there are all formats of books;
  • there are a significant number of new products, the update is fast. But just the old torrents are dying;
  • average speed of 3.3 Mbit / s;
  • 3.7 million visits per month;
  • almost a sixth of all customers are from the United States. In addition to them, there are many users from Canada, India, England and Brazil;
  • works with Switcherry VPN without any problems;
  • if the site is blocked in your country, which is rare,

Site check:

  • Harry Potter-the complete collection, up to 40 seeders, high speed up to 4 Mbit / s;
  • A Song of ice and fire – a complete collection, no more than 10 seeders, average speed;
  • The Lord of the Rings – is present, 1-3 seeders, low speed.


Torrentz2 main page
Torrentz2 main page

The torrent site is literally straight from the 2000s. There is practically no even basic design, primitive interface. It looks like a project made by a schoolboy between lunch breaks. Then why is it needed? Thanks to the content. Often on the resource you can find torrents that are simply not in the archives of recognized giants of the sphere. And the project is very tight on new products.

The resource has both various formats of e-books and audiobooks. However, there is not enough stability, it is possible that the selected series of books will be presented in all formats at once, or maybe only in one. The project itself positions itself as a search engine in the metadata environment, and not as a repository. Therefore, he simply provides torrents that he himself has surfed on the network. And that’s why the search results are so unstable. But remember, if you haven’t found a torrent on other sites, it is highly likely that it will be here.

  • appeared in 2003;
  • almost devoid of advertising, one unobtrusive ad;
  • any formats of books are possible, however, as well as their absence;
  • regularly replenishes the database with new products, but lags behind the giants of the sphere in speed;
  • the average speed is from 1 to 3 Mbit / s;
  • 1.4 monthly visits;
  • there are enough users from the United States, China, Italy and Australia. But all this pales in comparison with the flow from India. More than half of all traffic goes from there. More precisely, 55.3%;
  • works with a VPN;
  • scraper sites –

Torrent tracker chek:

  • Harry Potter-audio and FB2, full collection, 10-12 seeders, average speed;
  • A Song of ice and fire – all parts, 6-10 seeders, average speed;
  • The Lord of the Rings – all parts available, 1-3 seeders, low speed.


Planetebook main page
Planetebook main page

This is a completely atypical site on our list. The main difference is that it distributes only completely legal content. No, this is not another library with paid access. This is a collection of works, world bestsellers, which are distributed freely.

The project is new, the library of books is just beginning to grow. So far, there are just over 80 of them. But the resource has been functioning for less than a year. Over time, he will acquire all the books that, in principle, can be freely available. Moreover, the quality of the service is pleasant, and what is most pleasant, the books are collected in all versions for each device. Any operating system, smartphone or tablet, there are all adapted formats.

  • Planetebook founded in 2020;
  • the minimum number of ads, mostly native;
  • all formats of electronic books, but there are no audiobooks;
  • there are practically no new products, the library is replenished slowly;
  • the distribution speed is high, because there are few torrents in principle;
  • 479 thousand visits per month, which is an impressive indicator for a microarchive;
  • almost half of the users are from the USA, the rest are from Canada, India, Italy, England and other countries;
  • works with a VPN;
  • there are no scraper sites, and they are not necessary.

Site check:

  • Harry Potter – not available;
  • A Song of Ice and Fire – not available;
  • Lord of the Rings – not available.


Torrentdownloads book categories
Torrentdownloads book categories

A very pleasant and user-friendly interface, more than 16 million torrents, and an active community. The tracker mainly specializes in movies and anime. But specifically for bibliophiles, there is a delicious library in store here. And it is even more than that of the leading giants in the field. A lot of audiobooks and printed publications in electronic form.

Perhaps this would be the best site for a real book lover, but there is a serious disadvantage. If there are frankly fewer book distributions in the “Bay”, but they are all “alive”, this tracker cannot boast of this. Many distributions, in principle, do not have seeders. However, this does not apply to the most popular publications at all. But as for specific books, you will find them, but whether you can download them quickly is an open question. However, if we don’t try – we won’t find out.

  • created in 2007;
  • there are 4 ad blocks in the area;
  • there are sections for audiobooks and electronic publications. Audiobooks are smaller, but e-books are presented in 2-4 formats at once;
  • the tracker is regularly updated, 16 million active torrents indicate in favor of this fact;
  • speed 3-4 Mbit / s;
  • 4.5 million visits per month;
  • 15% of users are from the USA, the rest of the array falls on Europe, Canada and Brazil. Almost 3% of the visitor is from South Korea;
  • it works fine with a VPN;
  • there is only one mirror, however, the resource is blocked only in England and a couple of other European states –

Torrent tracker check:

  • Harry Potter-the complete collection, up to 700 seeders, the highest speed (6 Mbit / s);
  • A Song of Ice and Fire – a complete collection of all Martin’s books, including additional materials, up to 750 seeders;
  • The Lord of the Rings – all books, up to 500 seeders.


Search results page on Extratorrents
Search results page on Extratorrents

One of the torrent sites that has always walked on the edge of what is allowed. And now he is going to completely go into the “underground”. At least, this is what the ad on the main page indicates. Well, maybe it will be better, because it is blocked in many countries. And no one wants problems with the law. Therefore, without a VPN, you will not be able to access the resource.

If the tracker goes to the shadow Internet, it will still leave a copy on the open spaces of the regular network, so nothing will change for us.

As for the resource itself, it offers an excellent selection of various torrents. Books here are represented by a small library, but you can always find an impressive number of seeders on the most popular works.

  • ifounded in 2006;
  • there are almost no ads, one ad was noticed;
  • there are various formats of books, including audiobook torrents;
  • the site is updated irregularly, but still there are enough new products, the total number of torrents is over 10 million;
  • the speed, depending on the distribution, is from 2 to 4 Mbit/s;
  • 1.99 million monthly visits;
  • mostly visitors from the United States, with a solid lag behind India and Pakistan. And even further away is Canada and a couple of European countries;
  • it works great with a VPN. And without it, it often does not work in principle;
  • scraper sites –

Site check:

  • Harry Potter-Full collection, high speed;
  • A Song of Ice and Fire – not all books, high speed on individual books, average on collections;
  • The Lord of the Rings-not available.


Zooqle main page
Zooqle main page

A large and authoritative tracker with an inexplicably faded design. But this is probably the only drawback. For a bibliophile – this is a real expanse. Here you can find not only ordinary works and their audio versions. The site also provides access to torrents of comics, magazines, textbooks, nonfiction and even books 18+. For every taste and color. And each of the listed types has its own category. Therefore, you can go to the tracker not only when you are looking for a specific book, but when, in principle, you are thinking about what to read.

Search with a very narrow functionality, so it is better to search for filmed works by the author, and not by the exact title. The tracker is blocked in a couple of European countries and in North America. Therefore, a VPN is recommended.

  • it appeared in 2013, but it became popular relatively recently;
  • minimal advertising, only 1 block was found;
  • all formats of books and audiobooks are available;
  • there are over 7 million torrents, new products do not appear immediately;
  • the speed is around 4-5 Mbit / s;
  • 5.98 million visits per month;
  • the favorite site for residents of the United States and Britain, 12% of the total number of visitors each. In addition to them, the tracker is appreciated by the Chinese, Australians and Canadians;
  • works with a VPN;
  • scrape books –

Site check:

  • Harry Potter – all books are separate torrents, from 1 to 10 seeders;
  • A Song of ice and fire – from 1 to 4 parts, 1 to 6 seeders;
  • The Lord of the Rings-a collection of all parts, 2 seeders, low speed.


Manybooks main page
Manybooks main page

The name of the project is as true as ever. There are really a lot of books. Or rather-more than 50 thousand for every taste. But we should immediately clarify that a little more than half of them are free. However, it’s still 27 thousand.

A site with excellent functionality, the library is divided into dozens of genres. Sorting helps to choose suitable works, the editorial staff constantly compiles their tops to help readers. And the community in the project is very active, shares its impressions, advises and recommends.

But the disadvantages are all on the surface – the site is legal. This means that there is no content that is prohibited for free distribution. Therefore, you will not be able to read new items in the genre of literature here. Registration is required for downloading.

  • Manybooks founded in 2003;
  • almost all advertising is aimed at agency sales, that is, direct links to paid versions of books;
  • there are almost all genres, but no audiobooks this is a “pure” electronic library;
  • there are practically no new products;
  • the speed is high thanks to a huge community;
  • 1.19 monthly visits;
  • users are mainly from the USA, India, China and Britain;
  • works with a VPN;
  • there are no scrape sites.

Site check:

  • Harry Potter – not available;
  • A Song Of Ice And Fire – not available;
  • Lord of the Rings – not available.

Is it legal to download books from torrents?

Having figured out where to download literature from, let’s answer the question – is it possible to do this?

In fact, the torrent technology itself is not banned in any country in the world. It’s just a way of transmitting information. But due to the fact that it is very difficult to block the downloaded file, not to allow the user to use it – there are many nuances. Therefore, the point is THAT you are downloading, and not using or not using torrent technology. And the country in which you live also matters. As applied to the network, this is the IP address. That is why it is strictly necessary to hide your address.

In our selection there are sites that sell exclusively legal content that is not burdened with copyright, and the resources themselves have a license to distribute. But let’s be honest, most of the trackers sell content that they do not have rights to. This is piracy. You cannot download a book that has been published for commercial purposes without paying for it. More precisely, you can, but criminal liability follows for this. And the only way to avoid it is to use a VPN.

The most strict law applies to copyright infringement in the United States. In the States, it is quite possible to go to jail for downloading content without precautions. In Europe, the situation is milder, but not by an order of magnitude. It is easier in the CIS countries, but it is also better to use a VPN here. The authorities treat pirates in India and Indonesia carelessly.

Read more about torrents and the law in the article.

How to download torrents safely

Now let’s conseeder a short course for a novice torrent user. What measures should be taken to use torrent safely.

  1. Always check your files with an antivirus. As I have already clarified, the craftsmen thought of sewing viruses even inside PDF files. Therefore, offhand viewing the contents of a torrent will not always be possible to check its security. And the moderators on the tracker may well miss the threat.  This is the very situation when it is better to be safe, take a couple of minutes of time and check the file;
  2. Choose popular trackers. For example, the options from my selection. After all, the more famous the site is, the less chance there is that the distributions on it will be unfair. At least millions of people use it, which means that if there were serious security threats, this would have become known long ago. But small and unknown trackers are dangerous resources, it’s better not to even go there;
  3. Always use a VPN. So you kill two birds with one stone at the same time. The first is protection from prosecution by the law. By hiding your address, you will exclude claims on your part due to copyright infringement. After all, you didn’t download any content – right? You will also protect yourself from the actions of hackers who like to illegally collect user data. And after that, they can blackmail him, threatening to publish compromising materials about “content theft” or simply distribute data about the client on the network for various purposes.
You can fully protect yourself only with the help of a VPN. It has emergency shutdown functions in case of a security threat, encrypts information, prevents data leakage.

Why people choose Switcherry

Of all the variety of services, Switcherry is among the best. The arguments in his favor are quite adequate and understandable:

  • a reliable service that has proven itself among hundreds of thousands of users. Advanced cryptographic protocols are used, which exclude even the minimal chance of data leakage and user identification;
  • Switcherry does not transfer any data to third parties. Therefore, all information received from the user (primarily IP) remains completely confidential;
  • the service has both a free and a paid subscription, which differs in functionality. But the basic features can be fully implemented on a free tariff;
  • Switcherry has 5,900 servers located in 74 countries around the world. Such a number of servers not only helps to reliably hide your address, but also increases stability. After all, the load is evenly distributed between the servers, so even a huge number of online users do not reduce the transfer speed.


1.What books can I download via torrent?

1.What books can I download via torrent?

If you are very worried about legality, then the number is very limited. This is in the region of 40-50 thousand publications without new products. And if you use all the features of torrent trackers, you can download absolutely any books. But for some rare instances, you will have to tinker with the search.

2.Is it possible to read e-books via torrent?

2.Is it possible to read e-books via torrent?

That’s out of the question. A torrent file is a set of metadata. It contains information about the book, but not the book itself. Therefore, you will have to pre-download the book file.

3. Is it possible to download torrent books on Kindle?

3. Is it possible to download torrent books on Kindle?

If you upload a document in the form of a custom file – there will be no problems. However, in some cases there are books with uncut copy protection. And then the device will block the file. But in most of the distributions, “clean” files are distributed.

4.How dangerous is it to download books from a torrent without a VPN?

4.How dangerous is it to download books from a torrent without a VPN?

Very dangerous. At least because for many countries, downloading torrents from trackers is prohibited and is prosecuted by law. And do not forget that trackers are always to some extent “gray” sites. And you can always face detractors who are able to use your confidential data against you.

Author: Nicolas Cuts

Product Managers at SwitcherryVPN. Have 5 years background in management and marketing. I never stop learning!

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