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Music… It drastically affects you. And no, I’m not talking about top-chart musicians that have gotten their fame. What I am talking about is something more intimate – a simple track that shivers our bodies. Through away all the unwanted problems, loosen up, and finally fall asleep, find a second wind, and do the best at a training, jump-start a brain for generation of new genius ideas or just bring some enthusiasm into cleanup. But where to find such music?

Create a sufficient music library of tracks can take ages. Buy a whole CD for one song for 20 … 50 bucks? Even for a relatively small media library, you can spend several thousand dollars. Collect grains from friends? What if you are tired of a mass product, and want something exclusive that best suits the mood?!

There is a way out. Torrent trackers allow you quickly download entire albums or exclusive audio collections. What is it, how convenient, safe, and legal is it? How to use it, where to find an advantageous one? Nicolas Cuts is here for you. Today we will analyse where to find the best torrent site for music to download.

Torrent VS sites with catalogs of music tracks

I bet, you have already guessed that in this article we are talking about torrent trackers. How do they differ from the usual web portals for online listening and downloading music? A small digression for those, who is not on it.

We are used to downloading music directly from web pages: you go to SoundCloud or iTunes, select the desired track and click the “Download” or “Buy” button. And here you go, the file is downloaded from the server.

The method seems simple and logical. However, there are many “Buts”. Server space costs money, the price is growing exponentially. For storage of 50-100 GB, you will have to pay $ 100-200, and for a dedicated server of 1 TB –  thousand bucks and more.

If the service is free, you cannot earn that much on advertising. Thus, there is a need in saving space: running compositions are added in high quality, the rest is missing or compressed. Portals with paid music pass the expenses on users by raising prices.

One of the solutions is catalogue storage – small sites use a shared library. if it;s actively used, the servers hang up (downloading takes a lot of resources). The speed is limited, sometimes a small track downloads for a couple of minutes. Almost all the libraries are the same – running pop music, no exclusivity.

Torrents use a fundamentally different approach. They work using peer to peer (p2p) technology: there are no servers, users are in a peer-to-peer network – you download data directly from the computers of other music lovers.

The technology is designed to quickly and directly share large files with friends upon a slow connection. Now it is also used for mass distribution of media content, including film studios and musicians. And while streaming (Ace Stream).

How does the torrent protocol operate?

The Torrent protocol was created in 2001. Its task is to simplify the exchange of large files between users through a peer-to-peer network, where computers communicate directly with each other. To connect use a special application – a torrent client (popular: BitTorrent, uTorrent). Unlike traditional peer to peer, there is no queue for downloading. One seeder (the one who decided to share) distributes it to everyone (leechers). These ones simultaneously exchange the downloaded parts.

Popular torrent clients: uTorrent, BitTorrent, qBittorrent, BitComet
Popular torrent clients: uTorrent, BitTorrent, qBittorrent, BitComet

The torrents’ trick is to avoid a large load on the user’s computer. How does it work? Each file is divided into small fragments of several bytes. For example, a small musical track is divided into 1000 fragments when it is put on distribution. There are 100 people who want to download it. The first client will download block from 1 to 10, the second – from 11 to 20, the third – from 21 to 30…

The data in blocks loads randomly
The data in blocks loads randomly

As soon as the first block is downloaded by torrent client, it immediately begins to share (leechering). As the download continues – leechers exchange the downloaded parts among themselves on the principle of “everything for everyone”. This principle ensures high speed – the more people are connected to the peer, the faster the data is transmitted. Even one Gbit per second is not the limit. Since different users download different parts, the distribution continues, even if the seeder (the one that shares) is disconnected from the network. By that time, all the necessary parts of a single track with a high probability will already be downloaded on different devices.

The architecture of bittorrent networks
The architecture of bittorrent networks

One more profit of technology – the possibility to continue a download, even if the process was interrupted or one (possibly dozens) of users left the network.

To start downloading, the torrent client needs a small file (10-20 kilobytes) with the extension .torrent. It generates when a created distribution contains the instructions (track list, name, size, number of blocks, hash amount) that’s required for synchronization. You can get a torrent file by e-mail or via messengers from friends. If you are looking for music on the Internet, you should search on specialised tracker sites.

Please note! Torrent trackers do not store audio files. They contain only a description, instructions on how to connect to the peers. Common users are the ones who share music, movies, and software.

Despite the fact that BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (p2p) network, there is a certain centralization. The list of ”clients” IP addresses is stored on the tracker server. It manages distribution and helps quickly find devices with missing packages.

The first version of the torrent protocol had an unconvienent feature that stopped data exchange, if there was a server blockage. Now it has gotten an update with DHT hash table. Each torrent client, basically, becomes a tracker and contains a table of addresses. Эту информацию приложение запрашивает каждый раз при подключении к пиру. The improved technology allows a peer-to-peer network to operate without a tracker, or connect to multiple tracker’s servers concurrently, achieving the highest velocity. That is why the same distribution often appears on various resources.

Technically, a tracker is a server that can be recognised only by torrent clients. Although the network possibly can operate without them, they allow you promptly to share music, movies and photos with other users. Additionally, the owners of such servers launch a familiar website with a description of torrents. Thus, the term torrent tracker most commonly known by users as an online service. Discussed and rated, you can find them in the list of “10 best torrent trackers for downloading music”.

Download a song from a torrent or a website directly? What is more convenient?

That is a rhetorical question. No doubt, If you need one or two songs on your phone to listen to during the trip, it is better to find the desired tracks on a website and download them directly. All the way around, If you want to get music for your home stereo system or the car. You do definitely need a torrent tracker to download rare compositions or a few gigabytes in one fell swoop.

The operation differences: centralized and decentralized networks
The operation differences: centralized and decentralized networks

What should man pay attention to while choosing a torrent tracker to download some music?

The misconception of users is that you can use any tracker to select your favorite albums and download them. Whereas, actually, most of these sites are pirated. A significant part of the servers were created by ideological fighters against restrictions on the dissemination of information on the Internet. They do help to share licensed music bypassing copyright. At the same time, they cover their expenses, earning money from advertising. Unfortunately, some developers use such portals to spread viruses and worms. Moreover, sometimes audio files are repeatedly “squeezed”, that badly effects the quality of the sound. The difference is especially noticeable if you have a descent stereo system. Therefore, be vigilant and discerning.

Here are some tips on how to choose a good torrent tracker:

Carefully look at the audio formats available for download

The popular MP3 format is, actually, a compressed audio and lacks some characteristics. No matter how hard we try, the quality will be inferior to the original. That is especially noticeable when playback is on expensive acoustics.

Common audio formats

For computer speakers or a standard telephone headset, compressed Mp3, AAC with a bitrate of 320 kb/s and even lower (228-256 kb/s) are more than enough. But for B&O, Bose, Bose Hi-Fi, Hi-End and THX certified audio equipment, such formats are not the best choice. You can find selected trackers with lossless compression as follows – lossless codecs: AAC, FLAC, wma, Dolby Digital (AC3).

Download speed

It is essential when downloading several advanced quality albums at once. The highest speed is almost unlimited. But it can be low, if there are few distributers. Thus, rely on the number of:

  • seeds – users who distribute the album;
  • peers or leechers – users who are still downloading a torrent.

The number of peers and seeds reaches thousands of them on popular trackers.The speed is higher when the customers balance who are exclusively on the distribution prevails.

The ability to overview files

The torrent protocol allows you to select only the necessary tracks avoiding excessive downloads. You can adjust the download at any time by removing or adding tracks to it. Though, it works only if the files are uploaded as a general open folder.

The Bittorrent protocol allows you to select only the necessary songs from the album for downloading.

On some trackers, you can download collections in the archives (more often .zip, sometimes .arj, .rar) or as a virtual disk (. iso, .VCD, .mds, .mdx, .nrg, .ccd). In this case, even if you only need a few songs from the folder, you will have to download everything. Security is one more important argument to lean towards “open” folders.

Viruses are often (but not necessarily) hidden in archives: from ransomwares  to spies who leak all personal information. Self-extracting 7z archives are especially dangerous.

Theoretically, you can hide a Trojan or an ad worm in an audio file. However, their capabilities are reduced. Most players simply evade them: the audio replays without executing the infected code, otherwise an error occurs. Sometimes, a message shows up saying that a transition to a third-party source is required. That’s a sign. Always check downloaded files via torrent with an antivirus.


Security factor is directly concerned with the popularity. Reliable and secure trackers with useful content and absence of viruses have an audience of several millions.

The main arguments to download trough tested platforms are the follow:

  • security – although, users are the ones to upload music collections, the tracker checks them for viruses and blocks the distribution of malicious scripts (anyways, an additional check will never hurt);
  • high speed information exchange – there are always a lot (often several thousands) of both seeders and leechers (peers);
  •  a huge selection of music. it is easy to find exclusive compositions with a high bitrate.

It can be complicated to find good trackers through a searcher. The real sites with good content are blocked by search engines due to accusations of copyright infringement. We offer a list of the best trackers that you may have heard about but could not find.

We also offer lists of the best trackers for downloading books, video games, software, and even adult content.

TOP-10 best torrent site for music to download

Making up a rating is a responsible and delicate task. To get objective results, a single criteria for everyone is needed. It deffinettely cannot be just someones comment: “I like that site, I downloaded something there”. Some of the criteria we have already described. The reliable trackers that check the content, offer music in lossless formats for downloading and have plenty of users, that guarantees a high download speed and a minimum of dead peers.

Another criterion is one high-grade library. The quality can be evaluated by the availability of licensed albums that were released recently, a few weeks ago or so. We have chosen 3 labels:

  • Marina – Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land, released June 11, 2021;
  • Rise Against – Nowhere Generation, released June 4, 2021;
  • Red Fang – Arrows, released 2021.

The due date of this rating is July 11. A month or so has passed since the release. Yes, it takes time, since we’re not looking for some mainstream pop music that pirates upload the same day. There is ample time for music lovers to post albums of their favourite artists on the best trackers.By the way, we rate the download speed. Let’s begin…

The Pirate Bay

It seems as the largest and most famous torrent tracker in the world. It has been working since 2003. There is everything a man can ever wish, from the source codes of programs to the independent cinematography. And an incredible audio library. Many countries and publishers are trying to fight the tracker, so the service works through mirrors. And it doesn’t affect the speed.

The home page of The Pirate Bay
The home page of The Pirate Bay

Advantages: a huge base of loyal users, some non collectible albums.

Disadvantages: The Pirate Bay is carefully monitored by major publishers. It has been involved in several lawsuits. Therefore, it is blocked in many countries (the portal itself with the catalog and the tracker servers), though, the main content can be found through mirrors.



  • detailed information: file size, year of publication, album content;
  • albums are uploaded in folders, you can view the tracks before downloading and select the ones you need;
  • there is a magnet link to download in one click;
  • a huge library, a lot of music with a high bitrate (over 320 kbit/s) or in FLAC, ALAC formats. Selections in almost all genres;
  • Marina – Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land  – MP-3 (320 kbps), FLAC, download speed up to 5 MB/s;
  • Rise Against – Nowhere Generation – MP-3 (320 kbps), FLAC – download speed 2,5 MB/s;
  • Red Fang – Arrows – MP-3 320 kbps, download speed – 1,8 MBps.


LimeTorrents doesn’t have any bad reputation which is very surprising as content publishers and copyright owners almost do not care. The tracker is available almost everywhere. At the same time, the catalog is comparable to the Pirate Bay, the service has more than a million regular users and a huge selection of music albums.

The home page
The home page

Features – LimeTorrents searches for different trackers, so with a probability of 99.999…% you will find what you were looking for at high speed.


  • www.lí;
  • description: format, download speed, folder contents;
  • you can overview the list of trackers;
  • here is a magnet link to download in one click;
  • it searches by popular trackers, so you can find any song;
  • Marina – Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land  – MP3 (320 kbps), FLAC – to 3 MB/s;
  • Rise Against – Nowhere Generation – MP-3 (320 kbps), FLAC – 2,5 MB/s;
  • Red Fang – Arrows – MP-3 320 kbps – 1,8 MBps.


The home page of 1337x
The home page of 1337x

Another torrent tracker, where you can find almost everything, from mainstream pop to classics or exclusive editions of jazz musicians. Here you can even find private distributions, additional scans of more than 20 popular trackers and search for peers on your own database. User-friendly interface. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, there is a list of “new products” and “the most popular”. The choice is based on quality.

Advantages: nice, user-friendly design, useful search functions (soundtracks, selection by bitrate, format).

Disadvantages: there is no possibility to sort songs by genre.


  • detailed description: codec, bitrate, quality, channels, tracklist;
  • albums are uploaded in folders, so you can view and edit the downloading list;
  • there is a magnet link, information about seeds, leechers;
  • Marina – Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land  – MP3 (320 kbps), FLAC – 5 MB/s;
  • Rise Against – Nowhere Generation – MP3 (320 kbps), FLAC – 2,5 MB/s;
  • Red Fang – Arrows – MP3 320 kbps  – 1,8 MBps.

The largest Russian-speaking and one of the world ‘s largest torrent tracker. There are millions of distributions and a great audio library. Although the interface is only in Russian, it is easy to find content in other languages. has the same interface as a regular forum has the same interface as a regular forum

Advantages: a huge library, a detailed description of each album, information about files, downloading without registration.

Disadvantages: only Russian language, the search function is possible only for registered users.


  • detailed information: tracklist, size, album description, codec, bitrate, seeds/peers;
  • moderators carefully check the added content for viruses;
  • there are magnet links, downloading albums in a folder, no archives;
  • Marina – Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land  – MP3 (320 kbps), FLAC – 1,8 MBps;
  • Rise Against – Nowhere Generation – MP3 (320 kbps), FLAC – 1,7 MB/s;
  • Red Fang – Arrows – MP3 320 kbps, Flac – 2,9 MB/s.


This is not a torrent tracker in the classical sense, but a torrent search engine. Enter the name of the album or individual track and get a list of trackers where you can get a download link. How is it different from a regular Google search? Search engines often remove unlicensed downloads from the search results, so stores with paid licensed content are placed on the first pages.

Furthermore, Torrends gives search results for the most popular trackers, so high speed is guaranteed. You can find anything you want – 100% hit.

The home page of Torrends
The home page of Torrends


  • adress –;
  • provides the information that was specified by the moderators of torrent trackers;
  • we found the test labels in Flac and MP3 formats (the list included “torrent download”, 1337x), we didn’t test the speed, this is not a tracker but a search engine.


Another universal tracker with a huge media library. Interestingly, there are some novice but talented artists who upload their albums themselves for free download.

Search page of Torlock
Search page of Torlock

Advantages: an excellent library of high quality music, a large user base. It works mostly in every country not beibg blocked.

Disadvantages: often there are audio tracks that supports only one format: Flac or “economical” Mp3, sometimes there are no alternative.


  • adress –;
  • detailed description: tracklist, channels, size, there is an assessment of the “health” of the distribution;
  • no magnet links, just a torrent file;
  • Marina – Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land  – FLAC – 640 kBps;
  • Rise Against – Nowhere Generation – MP-3 (320 kbps), FLAC – 2,7 MB/s;
  • Red Fang – Arrows – MP-3 320 kbps – 2,9+ MB/s.


Another popular tracker to find everything man can ever want with an excellent music library and a huge amount of fans. The site has a simple but convenient interface, the catalog is divided by genre – it’s useful if you don’t know what you want, but decided to listen to something new.

The home page of TorrenDownloads
The home page of TorrenDownloads

Advantages: there is a huge library, a scale of ” health”, and slow distributions can be seen immediately.

Disadvantages: cleverly hidden advertising, often the first ones on the list are ads from partners.


  • detailed description: size, tracklist, channels, bitrate, codec, list of trackers that control the distribution;
  • download via a magnetic link;
  • Marina – Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land  – MP3 (320 kbps), FLAC – 5 MB/s;
  • Rise Against – Nowhere Generation – MP3 (320 kbps), FLAC – 2,8 MB/s;
  • Red Fang – Arrows – Mp3 320 kbps – 2 MBps.


Unlike the previous ones, this is a niche tracker. You can find here only music and nothing else. There are plenty of compositions from little-known DJs, aspiring rock musicians and vocal performers on the site – exclusive ones. Though, it takes time for new items to be added. It wasn’t possible to find the label Marina – Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land, although we are sure that it will appear soon.

The home page of SoundPark
The home page of SoundPark

Advantages: niche website, many tracks, service.

Disadvantages: the interface loads slowly; it is inconvenient for perception; new products appear with a delay; there is sometimes no detailed description; distributions in flac format are available only for a paid subscription.


  • url:;
  • description: bitrate, codec, tracklist, duration, channels;
  • no magnetic links;
  • Marina – Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land  – absent;
  • Rise Against – Nowhere Generation – MP3 (320 kbps), FLAC – 2,8 MB/s;
  • Red Fang – Arrows – Mp3 320 kbps – 2 MBps.


The torrent focuses on movies. The first thing you see – a dozen posters of new films. However, the music library here is no worse than on The Pirate Bay (for the labels we were looking for, the distribution turned out to be general). The service has a simple but user-friendly interface. You can immediately start downloading via a magnetic link in the list of torrent and see the basic information (size, quality, seeds/leechees).

The home page of TorrentsGalaxy
The home page of TorrentsGalaxy

Advantages: simple user-friendly interface, no paid subscriptions, download without registration, minimum advertising.

We haven’t found any disadvantages.


  • url –;
  • detailed description: file size, seeds/peers, tracklist, codec, bitrate, channels, durations;
  • – the magnet link is available from the search results list;
  • Marina – Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land  – MP3 (320 kbps), FLAC – 5 MB/s;
  • Rise Against – Nowhere Generation – MP3 (320 kbps), FLAC – 2,5 MB/s;
  • Red Fang – Arrows – Mp3 320 kbps – 1,8 MBps.

How legal is this?

BitTorrent technology is permitted, it can be used legally without any restrictions. It is the same as other peer-to-peer networks: popular messengers (Whatsapp, Viber), dropbox, etc. In fact, torrent is a method (protocol) of data exchange, it is also used by legitimate publishers to distribute licensed labels. Torrent trackers do not store or transmit audio, software, or movies. Users who have installed a torrent client share their data.

Nearly every country legitimately allows non-commercial copying (creating several backup copies) of licensed content. Therefore, it is legal to share it with friends. However, there is a lot of disputes regarding torrent trackers: is it a violation of copyright or the implementation of civil law? Who should be considered as a violator: the server that helped in the exchange of license files, or the people who download and distribute them?

It turns out as a collision: on the one hand, it is possible to share a legally purchased song with others, on the other hand, it is prohibited. Sanctions against trackers differ from country to country. Some states has left everything as it is, others – are brutally fighting against violations: they block them and issue fines.

For residents of the United States and the United Kingdom, the requirements are stricter. Illegal copying can lead to criminal prosecution or a huge fine. Though mostly, Internet service providers simply monitor users’ traffic and block Internet access with the termination of the contract. It happens only when they notice the transfer of copyrighted files from torrent trackers or common online sites.

How to download music via BitTorrent safely and without blocking?

Despite the convenience of a torrent, the protocol does not protect against the risks that we face on the Internet. It also doesn’t give anonymity. Scammers launch ” poisoned distributions” with corrupted blocks and upload infected files. More than that, providers can track your traffic and inform on you if you download a copyrighted label from a torrent. To avoid dangers, it is important to follow the basic rules:

  • install an antivirus that will block access to infected sites;
  • check all the files with an antivirus immediately after downloading;
  • use only the proven trackers;
  • These methods are good . But how to ensure your privacy? How to hide traffic from the eyes of the ubiquitous Internet provider? VPN services allow you to hide your IP and make traffic ”invisible”.

VPN – is a Virtual Private Network. A secure connection is created with traffic encryption between the user and the server. All requests to external nodes (sites, torrent networks) go through it. If you have connected to the distribution or visited the site, the device list will display not your real IP but the address of the remote server. It may be in another city or country. The provider will simply see a set of meaningless data. No one will never know where you went, what you downloaded and when.

Why Switcherry?

With VPN services, everything is like with torrents – you need to choose a reliable provider that won’t leak your private information. More prosaic aspects are also important: the distribution speed, ping, the number of available servers, the price, and the available platforms for installation. Sweetcherry offers the best terms on all points.

VPN-client for Android

Sweetcherry is a VPN service for all occasions. There are applications for any device: for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, as well as an extension for Chrome and other browsers developed on its basis. There are more than 70 countries in the list. The connection to all servers is free and has no speed or traffic restrictions. Is this even real?

Yes, it is. The only condition is an ad lasting 5-15 seconds during connection. Access is available for 1 hour after that. You can repeat the “operation” or watch 2-3 ads at a time. It takes a couple of minutes but gives the access for 5-6 hours or more.

There is also a Premium paid plan with ad-free access. You can connect up to 7 devices in one subscription.

How to set up a VPN on Android, iPhone and How to hide your ipi using VPN in Chrome and Windows we have already written.


1.Is there a torrent application for android to download music?

1.Is there a torrent application for android to download music?

There is an imposing list of torrent clients for smartphones, as well as for PCs. The most popular ones: uTorrent, Flud, BitTorrent, MediaGet.

2.How to download music for free?

2.How to download music for free?

Popular trackers with a huge media library, where you can find almost everything: The Pirate Bay, LimeTorrents, 1337x,, Torrends, Torlock, TorrenDownloads, SoundPark, TorrentsGalaxy.

3.How unsafe is it to download from a torrent without a VPN?

3.How unsafe is it to download from a torrent without a VPN?

Your traffic is as plain as the nose on your face without a VPN. The Internet provider can see everything. if there are strict copyright infringement law in your country, there will be consequences: from the termination of the contract and disconnection from the Internet to a fine. If you download provocative content, you always risk being blackmailed. Scammers can find out your real address by your IP. VPN prevent it.

4.Is a torrent safer than a direct download?

4.Is a torrent safer than a direct download?

It is complicated. There are lots of subtleties. For example, the most important thing is not the method of data transmission, but reliability and the security of your connection.

Author: Nicolas Cuts

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