How to install and configure VPN on iPhone and iPad

How to setup VPN on Iphone and IPad

Hello, my name is Nicolas Cuts. I am an employee of Switcherry VPN. This article of mine is devoted to the use of VPN technologies on Apple™ gadgets – iPhone and iPad.

When people talk about VPN technology, they usually mean a secure virtual network consisting of desktops and laptops connected to a VPN server. In fact, almost any device that has Internet access can become part of a VPN network. And your smartphone is no exception. In this article, you will learn about the advantages of using VPN technology on your iPhone and iPad, as well as detailed instructions for setup VPN on Iphone.

What is VPN and why do you need it on your iPhone

Of all the modern technologies designed to ensure the anonymity and privacy of the average user on the network, VPN technology is the most reliable. Private VPN networks (the abbreviation for VPN stands for “virtual private network”) are created on an open network, such as the Internet. The protection of the transmitted data is provided by the so-called “tunnels” – secure virtual channels between the VPN server and user devices.

In reality, “tunnels” are encrypted connections. The key to the security of a VPN network is the use of reliable encryption algorithms. An important feature of the VPN technology is the substitution of the user’s own IP address with the IP address of the VPN server.

VPN server
VPN server

The use of a VPN allows you to solve many problems and protect the user from the numerous threats that the modern Internet is so full of:

  • protection against hackers and cybercriminals. VPN will reliably protect your personal information from malicious attacks. Wherever you are – at home or at work, in your country or abroad, you can be sure that attackers will not intercept your bank card data and will not gain access to the usernames and passwords of your mail and social network accounts;
  • secure use of public networks anywhere in the world. It is well known that public Wi-Fi networks are extremely insecure. If you do not take care of data protection, even a novice hacker can intercept critical information. Using a VPN will allow you to safely make purchases, check email, log in to social networks, chat, transfer confidential data in cafes, hotels and other places with Wi-Fi;
  • get secure access to a specific company’s networks, for example, to work from home. Freelancers often need to log in to their employer’s server to receive technical specifications, instructions, and other information, and to send the completed work. Using the VPN technology allows you to get a completely secure connection between the remote employee’s device and the local network of the employer;
  • opportunity to hide your IP address and protect yourself from surveillance. It is easy to determine the user’s country and region of residence by their own IP address. Moreover, employees of the special services and other public authorities will easily establish the home address and the exact location of the user by his IP address, if he does not take any measures to ensure his own anonymity. The Internet service provider monitors all the network activity of its customers and records their actions in log files, which it is obliged to store for at least six months and provide to special services employees on demand. In some countries, the Internet service provider is obliged to block access to certain sites for censorship reasons. VPN technology allows you to hide the user’s own IP address by spoofing it with the IP address of the VPN server, and since the traffic between the client’s device and the VPN server is securely encrypted, the Internet service provider is not able to track the actions of clients using the VPN and in any way restrict their network activity.
  • anonymous downloading of files from torrents. Many Internet service providers prohibit downloading files from torrents. VPN allows you to bypass all restrictions and securely and share files on the network with no limits;
  • bypass site blocking. The owners of some Internet resources provide access to content based on the user’s geolocation, which is determined by their IP address. For example, only residents of the United States have the opportunity to watch all movies and TV series from Netflix, Hulu and other popular American streaming services without restriction. With a VPN, you can easily bypass geo-blocking and get full access to the content of your favorite streaming service, replacing your own IP address with the IP of the country for which there are no restrictions.

What makes iPhone VPN services different

The principle of operation of all VPN services is the same, but the volume and quality of services of each individual VPN provider can vary greatly.

When choosing a company that provides VPN services, you should pay attention to the following critical factors:

  • availability of modern, powerful, high-speed servers connected to high-bandwidth lines – low-power, slow servers are not able to provide high data transfer rates. That is, companies that do not have powerful servers will not be able to provide their customers with high-quality service: customers will not be able to watch streaming video, downloading files from torrents is very difficult, and during peak hours, while serving a large number of customers, the Internet speed will drop sharply;
  • the number of available servers and their location – the more servers a given VPN provider owns and the wider their geolocation, the more opportunities its clients have. Only the best companies, such as SwitcherryVPN, have a large number of servers with a wide choice of locations.

Which VPN version should I choose: paid or free

paid or free
Paid or free VPN

Many VPN providers provide their customers with access to the service, both on a paid and free basis. Both the paid and free versions of the VPN service have their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Free VPN – its only advantage is that it is free. Users of a free VPN will have to put up with a low data transfer rate. There is no choice of geolocation, or this choice is extremely small. Some VPN providers on a free data plan limit traffic (usually no more than 1GB per month is provided). Naturally, users of a free VPN are unlikely to be able to watch streaming videos and download files from torrents.
  • Paid VPN from a reliable VPN provider – does not have the disadvantages listed above. For a small fee, the client receives a high-speed connection, protected from all sorts of threats, and unlimited traffic as a bonus.

SwitcherryVPN also provides customers with the ability to use VPN services on the iPhone completely free of charge. In comparison with the offers of our competitors, our free VPN service has the following advantageous differences:

  • we do not limit the data transfer speed: you should not have any problems when watching streaming videos and downloading files from torrents;
  • unlimited traffic;
  • great choice of locations.

At the same time, users of our paid VPN service, along with access to advanced options and fine-tuning for professional work, get the maximum achievable data transfer speed and the ability to choose geolocation in more than 70 countries around the world.

How to use VPN on iPhone

install VPN on iPhone
Install VPN on iPhone

There are two means of how to install VPN on iPhone:

  • you can install a special app called VPN-client on your iPhone;
  • a user manually configures the iPhone to work with the VPN.

The first method is the easiest and fastest. In case of manual installation, you will have to tinker with the operating system settings of your iPhone. Please note that installing a VPN on an iPad is no different from installing it on an iPhone.

Installing VPN with an app

Installing a VPN client is absolutely no different from installing a regular iOS app. In the App Store, select the appropriate VPN provider, download and install its VPN client.

How to install VPN on your iPhone with the help of our app

  1. Go to our page in App Store.
  2. Download and install the VPN app created by our company on your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Open the app and create an account
  4. Now, after you click on the “Connect” icon in the center of the screen, a connection will be made to the VPN server closest to you. You can also pre-select the location you need by clicking on the country name button at the bottom of the screen.

And that’s it! Enjoy high speed, unlimited freedom and complete safety!

Manual VPN installation

When you manually install a VPN, you will have to make some changes to the basic settings of the iPhone’s operating system. But first, register with the VPN provider and get the VPN server data from it, which you will need to specify in the settings: the server’s IP address, account, password, and the shared key (Secret).

How to set up a VPN on an iPhone via the OS? Check up our guided instructions

  1. Go to “Settings”and then “VPN” (or, in older versions of iOS, first to “General” and then to “VPN”);
  2. Click on the “Add VPN Configuration” button;
  3. Select the encryption protocol you want to use. In modern versions of iOS, three encryption protocols are available: IKEv2, IPsec, and L2TP. In older versions of iOS, the PPTP protocol is also available, but it is strongly not recommended to use it, since this protocol is officially recognized as outdated and insecure;
  4. Enter the Description of the new VPN connection;
  5. Fill in the server data fields (IP address, account, password, and shared key);
  6. Specify whether you are using a proxy server;
  7. Enable the VPN connection by clicking on the “Status” switch. The process of creating a VPN tunnel may take some time. The further away the VPN server is from you, the longer it may take to create a connection. Another important factor is the power and workload of the server: if the server is low-power and overloaded, then the connection is established for a long time or even not established at all.
Settings Iphone
Add VPN Configuration.
Add VPN Configuration.

After creating a secure connection, the “VPN” indicator will appear at the top of the iPhone screen. Now you are completely safe!

Why choosing Switcherry

As mentioned above, when choosing a VPN provider, first of all, you should pay attention to the availability of modern powerful servers, their total number and location. SwitcherryVPN owns more than five thousand powerful, high-performance servers located in dozens of countries around the world. We use only modern, reliable cryptographic protocols, do not collect information about our customers, do not track their actions and do not keep logs, which guarantees complete anonymity and confidentiality.

We provide our customers with the most reliable protection against all threats coming from the network. Even users on free data plans get a high-speed connection with unlimited traffic and the ability to choose geolocation in dozens of countries around the world.


1. Can I connect multiple VPNs on the same device?

1. Can I connect multiple VPNs on the same device?

It is theoretically possible to create a chain of VPN servers (a similar technology is used in the Tor network, where a chain of three proxy servers is formed when creating a secure channel), but ordinary VPN applications are not adapted for this. You can install any number of VPN applications on your iPhone, but only one of them can be running and running at the same time. If you run several VPN applications at the same time, they will start to conflict with each other, which will cause the Internet speed to drop dramatically, possibly even freezing the device.

But you can significantly increase the reliability and security of the connection if you use a highly anonymous proxy server at the same time as the VPN (when manually configuring the VPN). However, keep in mind that in this case, the data transfer rate will decrease to some extent.

2. How do I connect and disconnect from my VPN?

2. How do I connect and disconnect from my VPN?

If you have several VPN applications installed on your iPhone, do not forget to disable the running application before enabling another one, otherwise there will be a conflict of applications and the Internet speed will drop dramatically.

3. How do I add a VPN switch to widgets?

3. How do I add a VPN switch to widgets?

iPhone widgets allow you to speed up and make it easier to work with applications. You can group all VPN apps into a single widget and enable / disable each of them with a single tap, without directly launching the app.

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