How to use a VPN to access Facebook

Hey everyone, my name is Nicholas Cuts. I am an employee of Switcherry VPN. In the new article on my blog I am going to show you how to access Facebook via a VPN. You will find out why it is generally necessary to use a VPN to visit this popular social network and whether it is legal, as well as in what cases you will not be able to log into your Facebook account, no matter what methods you use to bypass the blocking.

Attention! Facebook recently renamed itself Meta. But the name of the company’s main product – the popular social network Facebook – remained the same.

There aren’t too many people in the world who have never (at least somehow) heard of Facebook. More than two billion active users regularly log into the world’s most popular social network to find out the news, chat with family and friends, and just have fun. According to statistics, at least 90 percent of American adults have a Facebook account. Since Facebook is the main advertising platform on the Internet, entrepreneurs are actively using it to promote their goods and services. For millions of people Facebook has become an integral part of everyday life, and sometimes their main source of income, so any restrictions on access to their favorite social network sometimes turn into a real tragedy for them. This article will tell you about the reasons why Facebook becomes unavailable, why the administration of the social network can block user accounts and what are the ways to bypass all the blocks and restrictions.

Reasons why Facebook becomes unavailable

Imagine that your Internet connection is working fine, but you can’t seem to log on Facebook. In this situation, we need to distinguish two separate possibilities:

  1. The social network’s site does not work or even does not load at all;
  2. Facebook is working fine, but you cannot log into your account.

In the first case, access to Facebook is blocked by the system administrator of your local network or Internet provider. It is also possible that the Facebook servers have crashed. In the second case, it is most likely that the administration of the social network has blocked your account or your current IP address.

Facebook server problems

This happens, albeit extremely rarely. Users of the network have only one thing to do – wait for the technical staff of Facebook to do their thing and fix whatever issue the site encountered.

Login problems on Facebook can occur for a variety of reasons
Login problems on Facebook can occur for a variety of reasons

Local network blocking

The administrations of schools, colleges, universities, in order to make sure Facebook isn’t there to distract their pupils and students from the educational process, block access to the site from the internal network of the educational institution (and not only to Facebook, but also to other social networks and many entertainment sites). Employers also do not want their employees to spend their working time chilling on social media, so access to Facebook and other social networks and entertainment sites is blocked off from the local networks of most companies and organizations.

Blocking access to Facebook by ISP

In North Korea, China, Iran, Turkey, a number of Middle Eastern countries and some other states access to Facebook is either completely closed off or its features are seriously limited (no way to use a messenger, video chat, etc.). Access is blocked by local Internet providers on the orders of the country’s government.

Blocking of  specific IP addresses

Facebook’s software monitors and keeps logs of all actions of the social network’s users. Naturally, the IP addresses from which users log into their accounts are always recorded. If several different users log into Facebook at the same time from the same IP, then that IP address is blacklisted and user accounts may be blocked.

Account blocking by Facebook administration

The administration of the social network can block the user’s account if they violated any of Facebook’s rules. The user can be blocked for various reasons, for example, for trolling, for spam, for publishing prohibited content, for copyright infringement, for creating multiple accounts, etc. An account ban can be either temporary (usually for a month) or permanent, i.e. forever.

What is a VPN and how does it help unblock Facebook

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is the best security and privacy technology available today. With a VPN, secure communication channels are created in an open, insecure network – so-called “tunnels”. VPNs use modern, reliable encryption methods, so neither hackers, nor government officials are able to gain access to information transmitted through VPN tunnels.

VPN protects against hacker attacks, identity theft, etc.
VPN protects against hacker attacks, identity theft, etc.

Businesses and organizations use VPNs to securely transfer confidential information and to communicate with remote workers. Individuals use VPNs to protect themselves against tracking, bypass blocks and all kinds of censorship restrictions. VPNs guarantee 100% anonymity because VPNs use the VPN server’s IP address to substitute the user’s own IP address.

All these VPN capabilities allow you to easily access any Internet resources blocked on your local network, including Facebook. Indeed, a VPN tunnel, by encrypting and protecting traffic, makes it possible to bypass all the restrictions of the local network settings, and does not allow either the ISP or the administrator of your local network to determine which site you are visiting. For example, you just need to install a VPN client from a good VPN provider on your work computer to bypass all the locks set by the system administrator. Likewise, when traveling abroad on vacation or doing business in countries with censorship restrictions, in order to bypass the blocking, you just need to pre-install VPN clients on all the devices you plan to take with you on the road, and Facebook will always be with you! This even applies to China, read more about VPN for that country here.

Are there bans and restrictions on using VPN to access Facebook

Facebook’s Terms of Service don’t mention any bans resulting from using a VPN or any other technology that makes it difficult to identify a user. However, since targeted advertising is Facebook’s main source of income, the administration of the service is doing everything possible to de-anonymize every registered user of the social network. Therefore, any Facebook user who logs into their account via a VPN could potentially be blocked at any time.

In addition, Facebook’s administration can block the account after noticing an unexpected change in the user’s IP address. This means that if a user logs into Facebook exclusively from their home network, then their account is tied to their IP address. Therefore, an abrupt change of IP address (for example, caused by the use of a VPN) is interpreted by the system as an attempt by an outsider to log into your account using authorization data stolen from you (login and password, intercepted cookies, etc.). In this case, to unfreeze your account, you will have to write a letter to tech support. It is also recommended to enable two-factor authentication to bypass the blocking.

Finally, according to Facebook rules, one user has the right to create no more than one account. If different users enter the site from the same IP, even at different times, then, from the point of view of the administration, this IP address immediately becomes suspicious and all accounts associated with it can be blocked.

Can Facebook block an account for using a VPN

Yes it can. The Facebook administration regularly finds and blocks the IP addresses of the VPN servers of the VPN providers they know of. For example, if a user tries to log into Facebook through the server of a free VPN provider, they will immediately be banned, since the IP addresses of all free VPN servers have long been known and are blacklisted. Naturally, the found IP addresses of paid VPN servers are blocked in the same way. Therefore, a good VPN provider must regularly update and expand its server arsenal to bypass blockages. In general, the more servers a VPN provider has, the less likely it is that a particular server will end up on Facebook’s blacklist. Also, if the VPN provider has few servers, then several users may try to log in to Facebook simultaneously through one IP address. Facebook tech staff, upon detecting such extraordinary activity, will immediately block both the IP address itself and the accounts of all users who have logged into Facebook from that IP address.

Will a VPN help unblock my account

If your account was blocked by Facebook’s administration for violating certain rules of the social network, then you will not be able to unblock it using a VPN or any other technology. If your account has been temporarily blocked, you will have to wait until the ban ends; if you got permabanned, try writing a letter to Facebook’s administration to find out the reason for the blocking. Promise never to break the rules again, then maybe your account will be restored.

However, you always have the option to create a new account, but you will have to use a new phone number and a new email address. Also, before creating a new account, be sure to clear your browser cache and delete all cookies associated with Facebook. Or better yet, use a different browser or even a different computer or other device. If you find that your IP address is also blocked, then a new account will have to be created using a VPN.

Which VPN is recommended for accessing Facebook

When choosing a VPN provider, first of all, pay attention to the total number and location of servers at its disposal. As mentioned above, the more servers a VPN provider has and the more often it expands its server park by registering new IP addresses, the less likely Facebook is to block the VPN server IP addresses of that VPN provider. It is also important that the VPN connection does not have privacy-compromising leaks. To find out how secure and reliable your VPN client is, read my article “How to check if your VPN connection is secure?”

Use a VPN for your Facebook business

Facebook rules prohibit one user from creating multiple accounts. However, in business it often becomes necessary to have multiple Facebook accounts registered in different countries. With a VPN you can easily solve this problem, as the VPN hides and spoofs your IP address and location. Using the VPN client of our company, you can change your geolocation and register a new Facebook account in the country you need in literally just one click.

Selecting countries to create multiple Facebook accounts
Selecting countries to create multiple Facebook accounts

However, remember that Facebook tracks its users using cookies, so it is recommended that you use a separate browser for each account. For example, you want to create 3 Facebook accounts: in the US, UK and Australia and you have three browsers installed – Edge, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Then use one of the browsers, say Edge, to access only the American account, the other – Opera or Mozilla – the UK one, the third – the Australian account.

Only in this case don’t forget which country to use each browser for, otherwise all these manipulations will be useless!

Switcherry VPN for Facebook

Do you need a reliable VPN provider to access Facebook from anywhere in the world? Switcherry VPN is an excellent choice. Thousands of powerful high-speed servers located in dozens of countries around the world. Switcherry VPN’s easy-to-install VPN clients are designed for all popular operating systems. Each customer of the company can install and use a VPN simultaneously on 7 different devices. Use our VPN to unblock Facebook wherever you are: at home and at work, in school and college, at home and abroad.

Use a VPN on your home computer to access Facebook

Our VPN client works great on all current Windows versions. To install the VPN client on your computer, go to the download page and download the distribution. Read more about installing SwitcherryVPN on home devices in my articles “How to Setup VPN on Windows 10” and “How to set up VPN at home“.

Log in to Facebook with a VPN at work, school, college, university

With our VPN client, you can easily bypass the blocking of Facebook and other entertainment sites on your local network on your work or school computer. We have developed a VPN client not only for Windows but also for macOS. Download the mac client from our website and install the VPN on your work or school mac computer.

Use your tablet to access Facebook with VPN only

If you access Facebook from a tablet using free Wi-Fi, always be aware of the dangers that await users on public Wi-Fi networks. To protect your Facebook account from hacker attacks, always use a secure VPN connection. Get a download link for our Android VPN app on the corresponding page of the site. For more information on how to set up a VPN on Android OS, see my article “How to set up a VPN on Android“.

Log into Facebook from your smartphone anywhere in the world using a VPN

Before traveling abroad, in order not to lose contact with relatives and friends, install the VPN client of our company on your smartphone in advance. With our VPN client, your smartphone will overcome Facebook blocking anywhere in the world. To start the installation, go to the download page. For more information on how to install and set up VPN on your smartphone, read my article “How to set up VPN on an Iphone or Ipad“.


1. I traveled to the Middle East for business purposes. I log into my Facebook account without any problems, but I cannot use Facebook Messenger. What is the problem?

1. I traveled to the Middle East for business purposes. I log into my Facebook account without any problems, but I cannot use Facebook Messenger. What is the problem?

Facebook Messenger is blocked in most Middle Eastern countries, even though Facebook itself might be working just fine. If you want to freely use Facebook Messenger anywhere in the world, install our VPN client on your device.

2. I'm going to China. Will your VPN client overcome the Great Firewall of China?

2. I'm going to China. Will your VPN client overcome the Great Firewall of China?

Since our VPN connection uses the most modern encryption methods and VPN traffic is camouflaged as HTTPS, with our VPN client your device should easily be able access all Internet resources prohibited in China, including Facebook.

3. Can I video chat on Facebook using your VPN?

3. Can I video chat on Facebook using your VPN?

Yes, our top-notch VPN connection has almost no impact on your data transfer rate, so you can freely and without any difficulties voice and video chat on Facebook.

4. Saw that my friend has the Facebook Onavo VPN application installed. What is it and where can I get this app?

4. Saw that my friend has the Facebook Onavo VPN application installed. What is it and where can I get this app?

Facebook Onavo VPN is a spy program specially created by Facebook/Meta to track all user activity. The app was previously distributed through the App Store and Google Play, but after being exposed, Facebook removed Onavo from both stores.

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