Using a VPN with Omegle

Hello, my name is Nicholas Cuts. I am an employee of SwitcherryVPN company. My new article is about using a VPN to work with the popular Omegle service.

What is Omegle and how to use it

Omegle is one of the world’s most popular online communication services. The main difference between Omegle and other similar services is that there is no need to register. You can go to Omegle and immediately start a one-on-one conversation with a stranger, whom the service will randomly select for you, guided by the language settings of your browser and your location. Of course, complete anonymity is guaranteed, but the service tracks its users by the IP addresses and cookies of their browsers.

You can influence the choice of the interlocutor if you indicate your interests and hobbies to the service. To do this, enter your keywords in the appropriate field. For example, if you are interested in business, inventions and innovations, then the keywords would be “business”, “invent”, “invention”, “innovation”. Also, the keyword can be your hobby, such as travel, cars, sports, music, video games, etc.

Video Chat in Omegle
Video Chat in Omegle

An important feature of Omegle is the selection of pairs of interlocutors based on their geolocation. That is, the service, if possible, will select partners for the chat from the same country. And this does not always correspond to the wishes of the site visitors. For example, you live in Brazil, are studying French and want to chat with someone from France in order to improve your French pronunciation. But Omegle will automatically select a Brazilian companion for you. What to do? Since Omegle determines your geographic location based on your IP address, you can deceive the service by hiding and changing your real IP address in any way, for example using a VPN. Read more about how to hide IP address and why you might need it here. That is, if you are in Brazil and want to chat with the French, then just go to Omegle through a French VPN server. In addition, you must select French as your primary language in your browser settings. Naturally, you must first delete all cookies associated with Omegle, or access Omegle only in the Incognito browser mode.

There is another good reason to use a VPN when visiting Omegle. The fact is that anonymity in Omegle is very conditional – you can easily determine the IP address of your chat partner (just as your interlocutor can easily determine your own IP address). You can find detailed instructions on the Internet on how to do this with the free Wire Shark Network Analyzer. Moreover, there are browser extensions that allow you to determine the IP address of your Omegle chat partner. So if you really want to stay anonymous, consider how to securely hide your real IP address.

You can read more about what an IP address is and how to change it using VPN and other methods in my article “How to change your Internet geolocation using a VPN.”

Communication in Omegle – step by step instructions

Go to the Omegle website (see picture below). If you want to start chatting by interests – enter keywords in the Add your interests (optional) field. Start chatting by clicking on the Text button (to start a text chat) or Video (to start a video chat).

Choosing the form of communication on Omegle
Choosing the form of communication on Omegle

Accept the agreement of use by checking the checkboxes and click on the Confirm & continue button:

Adopting service rules
Adopting service rules

Solve the captcha and start chatting! (The service will select an interlocutor for you in accordance with your interests or will choose a completely random stranger if you have not indicated any interests). If you chose text chat, enter your reply in the input field in the center at the bottom. To send the text, click on the Send button at the bottom right or press the Enter key. For video chat, you must have a working webcam and a microphone with headphones (your browser, depending on the settings, may ask you to access the webcam).

To interrupt the chat, click on the Stop button at the bottom left – the caption on the button will change to “Really?” – confirm your decision by a second click.

If you liked the conversation, you can save it or even share it immediately with your friends on social networks. To save, click on the “Great chat?” Button, to share – select the appropriate social network (see picture):

Saving the conversation and adding it to social networks
Saving the conversation and adding it to social networks

if you are a student – you can enter the student chat. To do this, go back to the Omegle main page and click on the “College student chat” button. In the input field that opens, enter your student email address. After that go to your inbox, follow the link to verify your account and start chatting with students from all over the world!

If you are 18 years old or more, then, if you wish, you can chat about adult topics. To do this, click on the “Unmoderated section” button (bottom right under the “Video” button).

What Precautions Should Be Taken While Using Omegle

To keep communication on Omegle from unpleasant consequences, follow these simple rules:

  • go to Omegle in Incognito mode, otherwise it is recommended to regularly clear the browser cache and delete the cookies associated with the Omegle website;
  • behave yourself, do not insult or provoke your interlocutor. If the interlocutor begins to insult and provoke you, immediately interrupt the communication;
  • the main rule is to be anonymous! Never tell the interlocutor your real name and address, do not give him any leads by which you could be identified;
  • set up your webcam so that it would be impossible to determine your location from the picture;
  • finally, so that your real IP address cannot be traced, use a VPN.

Can Omegle block users from accessing the service

Yes maybe. If a user has violated certain Omegle rules, the service stops working with him. When trying to start a new chat, the user receives the message “Error connecting to server. Please try again. ” (see picture).

Blocking a user for violating chat rules
Blocking a user for violating chat rules

For what reasons Omegle blocks its users?

There can be many reasons, including those that are not specified in the terms of use of the site. Here are the possible reasons:

  • you may be blocked access if you start conversations on “adult” topics in a regular chat;
  • if you start to offend, insult and provoke the interlocutor;
  • if you become too often abruptly and unexpectedly cut off the conversation;
  • if the moderator discovers that a minor is viewing adult content;
  • if the user infringes on copyright, for example, by playing popular music, or by sharing with the interlocutor a link to download a pirated copy;
  • the service will also be stopped if the system detects that the user has entered the site through a VPN or proxy server.

It is possible that you did not break any of the Omegle rules, but you were banned anyway. This can happen if:

  • you have a dynamic IP and Omegle has blocked your current IP address because someone else previously violated the rules of the service;
  • your relatives or friends logged into Omegle from your computer and violated the rules of the service.

How and for how long does Omegle block its users

Omegle tracks user activity by IP address and using cookies. All data about user actions is stored on the Omegle server for 4 months. Therefore, the ban can last from several days to a maximum of 4 months..

How Do I Overcome Omegle Lock

First of all, you must delete all browser cookies related to the Omegle website (unless you have logged into Omegle in Incognito mode). After that, if your ISP provides its clients with dynamic IP addresses, just disconnect and reconnect to the network. This is usually enough, unless Omegle has blocked the entire lineup of IP addresses provided to you by your ISP. In this case, and if you have a static IP address, use a VPN service. But as mentioned above, Omegle will not serve a visitor if it detects that they are using a VPN. But in practice, this shouldn’t be difficult, as a good VPN service should be able to mask VPN traffic.

However, based on numerous reviews, Omegle can sometimes detect if a visitor is using a VPN service. Obviously, Omegle can find out the real IP address of a visitor using leaks inherent in a bad VPN connection: IP address leak, DNS leak, or WebRTC leak (you can learn more about VPN leaks in my article “How to check if your VPN connection is secure“). Clearing the DNS cache of your computer’s operating system may help. In WidowsOS, you can do it this way (during the steps described below, you must be connected to the network):

  1. run the Windows command line as administrator (to do this, find the cmd.exe file on the disk, right-click on it and select “Run as administrator” in the drop-down menu);
  2. type ipconfig / flushdns into the command line and press Enter;
  3. type ipconfig / registerdns into the command line and press Enter;
  4. type ipconfig / release into the command line and press Enter;
  5. type ipconfig / renew into the command line and press Enter;
  6. type netsh winsock reset into the command line and press Enter;
  7. reboot your computer.
Very important! If you are visiting Omegle not in incognito mode, then before connecting again, be sure to clear your browser cache and delete all cookies associated with the Omegle website.

In browsers made on the Google Chrome engine, you should also clear the internal DNS cache of the browser:

  • for Google Chrome: enter chrome: // net-internals / # dns into the address bar of the browser and click on the Clear host cache button;
  • for Opera: enter opera: // net-internals / # dns into the address bar of the browser and click on the Clear host cache button.

But Omegle sometimes blocks visitors who use premium VPNs that are considered the best of the best. The reason is that the Omegle administration knows the IP addresses of the servers that this VPN service uses. In this case, try changing the current VPN server, that is, disconnect and reconnect to the VPN, choosing a different server. If this does not help, you will have to think about changing your VPN provider.

Using Omegle with Free VPNs

As practice shows, Omegle easily detects when a visitor visits a site through a free VPN service. The result is an immediate denial of service. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to use a free VPN to unblock Omegle.

SwitcherryVPN is a great VPN to unblock Omegle

SwitcherryVPN offers high quality VPN services for both casual and corporate users. Almost 6,000 of our powerful high-speed servers are located in more than 70 countries around the world. We have developed VPN clients for most operating systems and all kinds of devices, including computers, laptops, tablets, iPhones and iPads. With our help, you can easily unblock Omegle wherever you are – at home or at work, in your country or when traveling abroad..


1. Does Omegle have age restrictions?

1. Does Omegle have age restrictions?

According to the rules of Omegle, persons who are at least 13 years old have the right to use the service. Only adults (18+) can participate in “adult” video chats. However, the Omegle administration almost never tracks the age of users.

2. In which countries the legislation prohibits the use of the service Omegle?

2. In which countries the legislation prohibits the use of the service Omegle?

Omegle is banned in countries where local governments oversee their citizens and censor the Internet. Among these states are Pakistan, China, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries, whose legislation is based on religious prohibitions. But you can easily bypass censorship in these countries with a VPN.

3. Where else can you face a ban on the use of Omegle??

3. Where else can you face a ban on the use of Omegle??

Omegle is often blocked on Wi-Fi networks of schools, colleges and universities. The administrations of commercial organizations also often restrict access to Omegle on their local networks. In all these cases, you can easily bypass all blockages using a VPN service.

4. I logged into Omegle via VPN, but the site stopped working. Why? What am I supposed to do?

4. I logged into Omegle via VPN, but the site stopped working. Why? What am I supposed to do?

The Omegle administration prohibits the use of VPNs and proxy servers. If the service determines that a site visitor is using a VPN, Omegle refuses to serve it – it does not select a chat partner and does not connect with the interlocutor. Therefore, only those VPN services are suitable for working with Omegle, whose servers are not blacklisted by the site administration. If your VPN has been blocked by Omegle, find another VPN provider.

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