How to watch HBO via VPN

How to watch HBO with VPN

HBO was launched in 1972 and during its existence has given the world some of the most famous TV series and movies. Following the trends of recent years, HBO engaged in the production of its own Internet streaming. In 2010, HBO Go was launched, allowing you to watch all the channel’s shows online, in 2015, H Now was launched, and in 2020, HBO Max. How do they differ?

  • HBO GO — an application for watching a TV channel on a computer and smartphones;
  • HBO NOW — contains all TV series and movies released by HBO;
  • HBO MAX — all HBO content, as well as movies and TV series from Warner Media;

In March 2021, the long-awaited “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” and “Mortal Combat” were released on the platform. And the list of already completed and still produced shows is impressive:

  • “Game of Thrones”;
  • “Westworld”;
  • “True Detective”;
  • “The Young Pope”
  • “Sopranos”;
  • “Boardwalk Empire”;
  • “Chernobyl”;
  • “Band of Brothers”.
If HBO can be connected in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia, the main streaming platform HBO Max as of April 2021 is available only in the United States.

If you leave the country, you will lose access to your account, and streaming is not available to residents of other regions at all.

Do not rush to get upset that you will get into the small list of those who have not watched “Game of Thrones”, because there is a simple solution to the problem. My name is Nicolas Cuts, I am an employee of Sweetcherry VPN, and I have prepared this article to talk about an easy way to watch HBO with VPN in any country and get all the content available.

Why do I need a VPN for HBO and other streaming services


Access from other countries

When you leave the United States, you will face the unavailability of HBO in the region where you are located. The problem is not only the loss of access to the account, but also the loss of money. In the case of HBO — this is a significant amount ($14.99/month), compared to Netflix ($8.99/month) and Disney+ ($7.99/month). This way, a VPN will help you save money and access to the service.

Save on your subscription

A VPN helps you save on your subscription, because it costs differently in each country. Unfortunately, in the case of HBO Max, this rule does not apply, since streaming is launched only in the United States, and the subscription price is the same. In 2021, the service is promised to be launched in other countries, where the subscription will differ in price, so in the future, a VPN will help you save money.

Now you can save money by subscribing to Disney+, Hulu, Netflix. As an example: Disney+ in the US costs $7.99 per month, in Puerto Rico $5.99, and in India only $4.

Variety of content

HBO broadcasts almost all over the world, but does not provide even half of the content available in HBO Max. In the same HBO Asia in some countries, the content was censored, therefore, much was cut out and the differences from the US version are large.

How a VPN solves the problem with HBO and why a VPN

Streaming is not available for a number of countries, or rather for a range of IP addresses belonging to a particular region. VPN works on the principle of IP address substitution: the real IP is changed to the IP of the selected country. This way you can deceive the service and make it think that you are in the United States.

In addition to VPN, there are a couple of other methods that are often presented as an excellent solution — these are TOR and Proxy. Why are these methods not suitable for streaming and why are they inferior to VPN? – Let’s figure it out.



TOR was developed for military needs, but later it was abandoned in favor of a VPN, and the technology went to the masses. Now TOR has migrated to the browser and is visually similar to Chrome, Opera or Firefox. The principle of operation is to forward the data flow through several intermediary computers, and the more of them, the harder it is to track the recipient. In terms of anonymity, TOR is not the last place, but in terms of speed, it is definitely not the first.

Due to the large number of intermediaries, the connection speed drops, which causes constant downloads and buffering of the video.

When all content is released in Full HD and 4K, the low speed makes viewing impossible. In 360 or 480, you can start the video, but the pleasure of such viewing will be small.

The bad speed is added to:

  • A number of sites block TOR, so you won’t always be able to use the right resource;
  • The reliability of TOR is a controversial thing, because often intelligence agencies easily track cases of TOR use. This is not prohibited, but the fact of installation may attract unnecessary attention.


Proxy-server — this is an intermediary service through which user requests are sent to the network and responses are received back. Most of the servers are free, and there are a lot of people who want to use them, which causes frequent failures and overloads.


Almost all streaming services, including HBO, have DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology, which carefully analyzes requests and blocks some of them. Thus, the platform easily detects the fact of using a proxy and closes access. Added to this is the fact that the proxy assigns the device a US IP address, but due to the lack of encryption, the rest of the data will be visible: Internet service provider, browser history, cookies. Algorithmically, all this is easily determined and it can go as far as blocking the accoun.

Proxies are suitable for simple Internet surfing, but for watching movies in high quality, the speed is not enough. Do not miss the fact that many free services earn money by trading users’ personal data, and some can even become a source of malware on the device.



VPN — virtual private network, creates an encrypted connection between your device and the VPN server. Depending on the selected server, you access the Internet from the country corresponding to the location of the VPN server. So you can easily choose the IP address of the United States and watch TV shows in 5 minutes? Not always. VPN is not a panacea, because low-quality services, like proxies, can not cope with data encryption and are not compatible with streaming.

Possible problems when viewing HBO over a VPN

As a rule, when viewing HBO through a low-quality VPN, you may encounter two problems – this is the unavailability of the resource and the slow connection speed.


It often happens that with poor VPN protection from detection, streaming services detect IP spoofing and block not just one IP address, but immediately ranges of IP addresses of the VPN service. For example, many free VPNs do not replace data about the Internet provider, browser user agent, etc. To get access, you need a white IP address, which simply does not remain at the disposal of the VPN service. We solve this problem by initially setting up high-quality protection against streaming detection algorithms.

What to do if your VPN is still blocked

In Switcherry VPN, blocked servers are monitored daily, after which employees begin the procedure for restoring access. To avoid waiting for the server to be unlocked, we suggest that you do the following:

For better performance, it is recommended to activate the “Incognito” mode, and clear the cache and cookies before starting.

These actions help to restore access, and if there are other problems, the technical support works around the clock and will answer the question within a couple of minutes. Also, experts will tell you the best server for watching HBO.

Poor speed

To watch videos in 1080 and 4K, you need a fast internet connection. In 2021, in some countries, the Internet speed still does not allow you to watch streaming in high quality, and VPN services often do not have enough servers in the desired region. Because of this, you have to connect to the IP addresses of countries on the other side of the world, which significantly worsens the connection.

Switcherry VPN has 5900 servers located around the world, which keeps the speed high.
Download speed statistics for different VPN
Download speed statistics for different VPN

For the test, run Switcherry VPN and check the speed.

Testing was conducted in the evening at the time of the greatest load on the network.

The download speed was 75 mbit/s, which is enough for comfortable viewing in 4K. For 4K, the required speed is about 25mbps, and for 1080 – 10Mbps.

Speed test while using a VPN. Testing was conducted using Speedtest by Ookla
Speed test while using a VPN. Testing was conducted using Speedtest by Ookla

How to watch HBO with Switcherry VPN

Why should you choose Switcherry:

  • Although Switcherry is free, it is faster and more functional than paid services;
  • Fully compatible with live streaming services;
  • Military-grade encryption and complete privacy. We do not store logs and other user data;
  • The fastest VPN on the market;
  • Easy to use;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • 120 countries and 5900 servers;
  • Ability to work on 7 devices from a single account.

This picture is seen by users who try to use streaming from outside the United States. By following the instructions, you can easily install Switcherry VPN, configure it, and enjoy browsing.

HBO Max is unavailable due to regional restrictions
HBO Max is unavailable due to regional restrictions

Download the Switcherry VPN client from the official website If you want to install the app on your smartphone, look for it in Google Play for Android or in the AppStore for iPhone.


Download Page
Download Page

Select from the list of US countries:

Country Selection Menu
Country Selection Menu

Click “Connect”:

Launch pad
Launch pad
The device is connected to a VPN server
The device is connected to a VPN server

Open HBO Max:

Home page with VPN enabled
Home page with VPN enabled

Done, you can catch up on all the TV shows that you’ve wanted to watch for a long time!


Switcherry VPN is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS. With one account, you can use the service on 7 devices simultaneously, regardless of the platform.


If you are not a US citizen, then getting access to HBO via a VPN is half the battle, because you need to pay for a subscription. Streaming accepts payment only with cards of American banks, but there is a way to get around this legally — it will be much more expensive, but you will also get more.

You must subscribe to a streaming service that includes HBO and has alternative payment methods.

We recommend the Sling TV service, where you can redeem your subscription with a gift card, which is easy to buy in most online stores. Buy a card for $50-yes, it’s expensive, but with HBO you get a choice of Sling Orange ($30) – 32 channels or Sling Blue ($30) – 47 channels.

You must subscribe to a streaming service
You must subscribe to a streaming service

After purchasing the card, follow the instructions:

  1. Turn on the VPN and select the US IP address;
  2. Register;
  3. Pay for your subscription.

Great, now you can watch any shows you want!


HBO Max is currently only available in the US. By June 2021, streaming should be launched in Latin America and the Caribbean, and then the service will come to Europe. However, you should not rely on these dates, as there may be difficulties in the process, which may cause the launch to be delayed for a long time.


1. Is it legal?

1. Is it legal?

VPN services are absolutely legal, and watching streaming from another country you do not violate the law. Streaming platforms block VPN servers only because they want to make more money. However, you are violating the terms of the license agreement, so it is quite possible to get your ac

2. In which country does HBO Max provide the most content?

2. In which country does HBO Max provide the most content?

On HBO Max in the United States, more than 2000 movies and TV series are available to users, which is significantly more than in the TV version. In the future, it is planned to release 8-10 films annually for the platform.

3. Where is the cheapest subscription?

3. Where is the cheapest subscription?

HBO has a single subscription price of $14.99 for all versions (Go, Now, Max). As the service expands to other countries, prices will be updated.


Watching HBO over a VPN is convenient and easy, as you’ve seen. Download Switcherry absolutely for free and watch new episodes of your favorite TV series soon. Nicolas Cuts was with you, thank you for your attention!

Author: Nicolas Cuts

Product Managers at SwitcherryVPN. Have 5 years background in management and marketing. I never stop learning!

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