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Why do you need a VPN for Bulgaria

When traveling outside Bulgaria, it is important to have access to an Bulgarian IP address in order to freely use local services such as online TV and banking applications. And vice versa, because while in Bulgaria, you are not able to access a number of foreign TV channels and a significant part of streaming content. Switcherry will not only grant you access to an enormous library of content and to all online resources you might need but also make sure you remain completely anonymous and secure when you go online.

How do I get a VPN for Bulgaria?

Getting started with a VPN is easy with just 4 simple steps:

  • step 1 Installing

    Download and Install Switcherry VPN on your computer

  • step 2 Connecting

    Launch the app and click "Connect"

  • step 3 Selecting a location

    Select the VPN server you want to connect to

  • step 4 All done

    Enjoy your favorite content with peace of mind

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What Switcherry VPN offers

  • Watch what you want

    Forget about regional restrictions in Bulgaria and watch all the best movies and TV series from Netflix, Amazon, HBO and Disney+ in excellent quality, without restrictions and constant buffering.

  • Access to blocked websites and applications

    Regardless of whether you are in Bulgaria or Brazil, you will have access to all the sites and applications you need, be it media, online banking or your favorite TV channel.

  • Maintain your anonymity

    The provider will no longer be able to track your online activities and transfer them to the authorities and advertisers. Each of your online visits will remain confidential.

  • Protect your devices

    Protect yourself from all data-stealing attempts on your devices. A VPN will keep you safe from hackers and malware that infects some public Wi-Fi.

  • Don't sacrifice speed

    Don't lose speed -Switcherry is the fastest VPN in Bulgaria and the world according to the Ookla internet speed test.

  • Save money

    Prices for goods and services in Bulgaria and India can vary significantly. Change your IP address and start saving on hotel reservations, tickets and online shopping in general.

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Bulgaria loves Switcherry VPN


"I take online security very seriously, that’s why I do my best to ensure my devices and I stay safe. Switcherry is an excellent tool for that endeavour, which is why it deserves my 5 stars."

Ivan K. Burgas June 2, 2020

"I wasn’t expecting much from a free VPN, but I was pleasantly surprised. Everything works smoothly and quickly, which is a rarity for this kind of service. I highly recommend!"

Сhristo P. Varna October 11, 2020

"I save money on purchases, watch American Netflix and am able to surf the Internet freely. One of the best VPNs I've come across, I'm completely satisfied."

Diana E. Plovdiv March 4, 2021


  • What’s a VPN and how is it different from a proxy?

    A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual network that encrypts your traffic, making it impossible for 3rd parties to view it. We use military grade 256-bit encryption, which eliminates the possibility of hacking and data leaks. VPNs are more reliable than proxies, since the latter do not guarantee complete anonymity, they work intermittently, are slow and there is a big risk of data theft.

  • Will I be able to watch Netflix US?

    Of course, you only need to select a US IP address. Besides the USA, more than 120 countries are available, including Bulgaria.

  • Is this free?

    Yes, Switcherry is completely free for personal use. There are paid versions for several devices - this option is mainly chosen by large companies that need to connect several devices to a secure network at the same time.

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