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Why do you need a VPN for China

YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook are all blocked in China and that list is far from complete. China monitors its segment of the Internet very diligently, restricting citizens from accessing information deemed inappropriate. That is what the Great Firewall of China is for. Since 2003, it’s been filtering all the content in China’s segment of the net. But even such a complex system can be legally bypassed with Switcherry VPN and you can re-gain access to everything the internet has to offer.

How do I get a VPN for China?

Getting started with a VPN is easy with just 4 simple steps:

  • step 1 Installing

    Download and Install Switcherry VPN on your computer

  • step 2 Connecting

    Launch the app and click "Connect"

  • step 3 Selecting a location

    Select the VPN server you want to connect to

  • step 4 All done

    Enjoy your favorite content with peace of mind

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What Switcherry VPN offers

  • Watch what you want

    Movies released in China are censored, and streaming and major video hosting sites are blocked. Install a VPN and enjoy the latest movies and TV shows in their original form.

  • Access to blocked websites and applications

    No more blocked sites or apps. Choose the desired IP address and watch American Netflix in China, read foreign media and download any software.

  • Maintain your anonymity

    China is known not only for its overwhelming restrictions on the Internet, but also for its Big Brother-like surveillance of the population. With our help, you will remain completely anonymous online, wherever you are: at home, in a cafe or at work.

  • Protect your devices

    When you use public Wi-Fi in cafes, airports and on the street you run the risk of infecting your device with malware. A VPN will prevent scammers from hijacking the data on your devices.

  • Don't sacrifice speed

    Forget about the days when VPNs would damage your internet speed. We use the most up-to-date protocols and have servers in most countries, which guarantees users a high connection speed.

  • Save money

    Due to the pricing policies of some companies, the cost of goods in different countries may vary significantly. By using a VPN, you can find the best prices.

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China loves Switcherry VPN


"We got stuck in China when the pandemic started. I thought I would go crazy without my beloved YouTube and Instagram. Fortunately, I found out about Switcherry in time. Thank you, thanks to you, the quarantine was a lot more fun!"

Mary B. England August 08, 2020

"Before, I had to use only Chinese video hosting services and messengers. Thanks to you, a new world has opened up for me, full of interesting and amazing content. Thank you so much!"

Yongsheng Ch. Shangrao March 23, 2020

"Privacy is why I got interested in the Internet 20 years ago. Currently, online regulations are as tight as ever, but Switcherry VPN takes me back to the days when everything was anonymous."

Jingsong M. Zhengzhou January 7, 2021


  • Which websites will I be able to access?

    With a VPN, you can access any website, service or application. Just select the IP address of the country where the resource you want is available.

  • What’s the difference between a VPN and a proxy?

    Proxy servers hide your IP and give you access to blocked content, but unlike VPN, proxies do not encrypt data, so there is a fair risk of being hacked.

  • How many countries can I choose from?

    We provide the IP addresses of nearly 130 countries around the world, including China.

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