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Why do you need a VPN for the Czech Republic?

The development of the Internet in the Czech Republic is at a high level, which can not be said about privacy. Providers monitor the actions of users on the network, after which the data can fall not only into the Czech special services, but also into the hands of attackers and large corporations. Switcherry will provide maximum anonymity on the Internet, open up all inaccessible streaming content, TV, and maintain access to Czech Internet resources for those who travel outside the Czech Republic.

How do I get a VPN for the Czech Republic?

Getting started with a VPN is easy, just follow 4 simple steps:

  • step 1 Installation

    Download and install Switcherry VPN on your computer

  • step 2 Connection

    Launch the app and tap “Connect”

  • step 3 Selecting a location

    Select the VPN server you want to connect to

  • step 4 Done

    Enjoy your favorite content with peace of mind

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What Switcherry VPN offers

  • Watch what you want

    Some of the content of Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime is blocked due to economic or legislative considerations. Now you will always have access to media content and TV channels of other countries.

  • Access to blocked sites and apps

    When leaving the Czech Republic, be sure that at any time you can use the banking app, visit Czech websites and watch your favorite talk show on local TV.

  • Remain anonymous

    The privacy of Czech citizens is invaded daily by the government, hackers, and large corporations. A VPN will hide your online activity, after which no one will be able to track your activities.

  • Protect your devices

    Sometimes it is not possible to use a proven Internet access point, so you have to connect to public Wi-Fi. Such networks are dangerous and may contain a virus that steals data, but you are safe with us.

  • Don't lose your speed

    Our VPN is one of the world’s fastest, as confirmed by the Ookla Internet speed test. This means that there is no more waiting: watch videos, stream and use social networks without delay.

  • Save money

    If you are going to book a plane ticket or a hotel room, try to do it from the IP address of another country. The price of the service may be completely different, and often lower than in the Czech Republic.

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People like Switcherry VPN in Czech Republic


"I play, watch YouTube along the way, sit in social networks, and all this with a VPN. Switcherry allows you to do this quickly, without annoying downloads. I highly recommend it!"

Tomasz P. Brno May 1, 2020

"Switcherry was recommended to me by my friends. To be honest, it was their best advice. I'm not worried about my security, and the internet is fast."

Caroline G. Prague February 8, 2021

"Polite and responsive technical support, a large selection of countries and servers. I am sure that in a year I will not find any disadvantages. 5 stars and my appreciation, thank you!"

Matei Z. Kladno March 16, 2021


  • How does a VPN hide my actions?

    The provider sees your IP and all traffic when you connect to the Internet. If you do this via a VPN, then all data is encrypted and becomes inaccessible to the provider. It only sees the IP address of the VPN server you are connected to. It is not possible to associate any action with you, since several people are connected to the server.

  • Can I use BitTorrent?

    Yes. Torrent trackers are not prohibited — it is forbidden to share pirated content through them. We strongly recommend using licensed products, and using torrents to download and download files that are not protected by copyright.

  • IP addresses of how many countries are available?

    More than 120 countries are available to the client, including the Czech Republic.

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