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VPN (Virtual Private Network) — this protects users from surveillance and intruders on the Internet. A VPN from Switcherry is a guarantee that your protection will always be active.


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Find out if you need a VPN for Finland

Finland — a country with easily accessible and inexpensive internet. More than 96% of the country's citizens are connected to the network, and the state obliges providers to provide at least megabit access for all users. Local companies provide Internet access via 4G, GPON, xDSL, ETTH technologies. But in Finland, there are no first-level providers, so users are given «gray» IP addresses from a common pool, which negatively affects their Internet security. However, there is a way out, and this is — VPN for Finland from Switcherry.

How to connect a VPN in Finland

Users are only 4 steps away from using Switcherry:

  • step 1 Installation

    Download from the website and install Switcherry on your device

  • step 2 Connection

    Launch the application and click on the button «Connect»

  • step 3 Selecting a location

    At this stage, you need to select the server for connection

  • step 4 Setup is complete

    Enjoy a secure connection without restrictions

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Why exactly Switcherry VPN?

  • Watch any video

    Any video content blocked by the country's providers or unavailable to users from Finland can be viewed without speed limits, including streaming video.

  • Get access to any resources on the network

    In Finland, not only sites with prohibited content are blocked — often quite harmless resources are also blocked. Virtual Private Network will open access to all sites.

  • Become anonymous on the internet

    Virtual Private Network allows you to remain anonymous online hackers, secret stalkers or competitors will not be able to get information about your stay on the Internet and the resources you visit.

  • Secure your devices

    Personal data stored on your smartphone or PC will be securely protected — attackers will not get access to your photos, videos or documents, passwords and bank card numbers.

  • Use all the features of the provider

    In order to save traffic, many providers limit the speed when downloading torrent files or watching streaming videos. A VPN will help you get around these restrictions and use the Internet at the highest available speed.

  • Save on purchases

    In foreign online stores, prices for goods are often much lower than in Finland. With a VPN, you will be able to make purchases on foreign sites as a local network user with the delivery of goods to Finland.

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In Finland, Switcherry VPN is very popular


"I've been using Switcherry for six months and saved myself a lot of money on buying branded items from foreign stores!"

Johanna M. Vantaa March 5, 2021

"Thanks to Switcherry, I learned that my provider significantly cuts the speed when downloading torrent files. Now I download any files and watch movies without restrictions!"

Mikael B. Imatra February 27, 2021

"With Switcherry, I am completely safe for my online anonymity and the security of my personal data. Since I work remotely, this is very important for me!"

Annikki O. Lahti February 18, 2021


  • What devices is a VPN suitable for?

    Switcherry can be used on Android smartphones

  • How user privacy is ensured?

    Switcherry creates a tunnel connection, the data inside of which is encrypted with a 256-key encryption (SHA256) — a supercomputer has not yet been created capable of breaking such a cipher.

  • IP addresses of which countries are available for connecting to the VPN

    We offer an extensive list of almost 130 countries, including Finland, and this is often used by tourists who book hotels in advance at local prices.

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