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VPN – this is a software for improving the security of surfing the Internet. Switcherry is a company that provides a stable running program.


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Why do you need to buy a VPN for France?

France is one of the most popular countries in Europe. This is a free state where you can have a good rest and visit the sights. However, even in such a free and beautiful country, there may be problems with access to some online resources. Your data can be accessed by fraudsters and intruders – and this can happen while surfing in an Internet cafe. For this reason, many visitors to French cities use a VPN to hide their real location on the network and in order to achieve privacy. While in France, you get the opportunity to view content on domains registered in Germany, Italy, the United States and the CIS countries. Using a VPN, you use the Internet without any restrictions on the speed of data exchange.

How to install a VPN for France?

To start using a VPN, just do 4 steps:

  • step 1 Installation

    Download the Switcherry VPN file to your device.

  • step 2 Connection

    Install the program and in the interface, click on «Connect».

  • step 3 Select a country

    You need to select the IP of the server of the country you want to join. In this case, it is France.

  • step 4 Use it!

    After the connection is established, you can access any site anonymously.

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Main advantages of Switcherry VPN

  • No restrictions on access to content

    While in France, you can watch any foreign TV channel. Access to a huge library of multimedia content is now available.

  • Go to any website and download all the programs

    In almost any country, there are certain Internet resources to which access is restricted by the provider. This group can include any sites. A VPN easily solves this problem.

  • Anonymity

    Your data will be securely protected from hackers, intruders, and even the police. Use a VPN in France to maintain your privacy.

  • Protect your PC and smartphone

    Prevent photos, documents, resource keys, and pin codes from leaking to the network with Switcherry.

  • Overcome the limitations

    Don't let the providers slow down the download speed. You pay money for the Internet and deserve to provide services in full.

  • Cost savings

    In certain blocked online stores, you can purchase products with discounts. Just select the desired country in the Switcherry VPN settings.

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There are already a lot of users of Switcherry VPN in France


"A year ago, I moved to France for work. At first, materials from blocked resources were required. With Switcherry VPN, I have access to any site without restrictions."

Alexandra Tolmacheva Moscow March 03, 2021

"Privacy is everything to me. I just yesterday communicated by voice communication with a friend about the products of a popular brand. The next day, I have recommendations for this product in my feed. A coincidence? I don't think so. A VPN solves this problem."

Pierre Dubois Marseille March 12, 2021

"My story is simple – I came across an advertisement for a Switcherry product and decided to install it. Now I download music from a blocked resource without any problems. I couldn't afford it before."

Joseph Martin Paris February 26, 2021


  • What devices can be used by Switcherry VPN for France?

    The program is suitable for any device with Android

  • How does software achieve privacy?

    When you turn on the program, the VPN forms a kind of channel that provides encrypted data for only one user. Our program uses 256-bit encryption.

  • IP of which countries can be used in addition to France?

    The program provides access to the addresses of 130 countries. You can visit any sites around the world.

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