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Why do you need a VPN for Latvia?

In Latvia, the Internet is free, however, in recent years, there have been reports of the removal of some sites and services. Users in this region may also not be able to stream content due to geo-blocking. VPN for Latvia will open access to all social networks, websites, applications without the risk of tracking your actions. Replacing the IP address will help you safely and anonymously conduct business in this country.

How to get a VPN for Latvia

To use all the features of the program, you will need to follow 4 simple steps.

  • step 1 Installation

    Download the app to your device.

  • step 2 Connection

    Open the program, click on the button «connect».

  • step 3 Selecting a location

    Choose a geolocation and a server, in this case, a VPN for Latvia.

  • step 4 Done

    Enjoy high-speed Internet without any restrictions.

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What does Switcherry offers

  • Watch what you want

    Internet service providers in Latvia block any content that is censored at the request of the authorities. A VPN will allow you to bypass these restrictions for free viewing of movies and TV shows, listening to music.

  • Access to blocked sites and apps

    View any website and app blocked in your region for free.

  • Remain anonymous

    Your IP address will be hidden from outsiders, which guarantees security and privacy when browsing the web.

  • Protect your devices

    Using public Wi-Fi in a hotel, restaurant or airport, the risk of data leakage increases significantly. VPN for Latvia will protect your smartphone, tablet or laptop, even if you use an insecure network.

  • Don't lose your speed

    Internet service providers restrict the traffic of content that they believe is classified as undesirable. VPN keeps the speed at a high level.

  • Save money

    The price of subscriptions to podcasts, online movie theaters, and other services varies greatly depending on the region. With VPN for Latvia, you can get a tariff at the best price.

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Reviews of Switcherry from Latvia


"My provider has a low ping in online games, so I decided to use a VPN for Latvia. The connection to the European servers has become more stable, even during the period of high traffic."

Calvin Diaz Ukraine 21.01.2020

"I have been using Switcherry for a long time, the service helps to save well on online purchases. The program works properly, never encountering any failures. I recommend it to everyone."

Tracy Perez Riga 03.02.2021

"Switcherry – this is the best VPN service among all that I have tried. It is simple and fast, no special settings are required, you can immediately start working. Available on computers and smartphones."

Janet Webb Daugavpils 12.11.2020


  • Is it legal to use a VPN?

    The use of VPN services is legal in most countries of the world, with the exception of China, Iran, Iraq and Turkmenistan. All large commercial organizations use virtual IP addresses to protect corporate data.

  • Do I need a VPN?

    A local Internet service provider cannot hide your personal data from the state and third parties, unlike a VPN service. All web applications stop receiving data about your address and location. Incoming information is encrypted without the possibility of interception by intruders.

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