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Why do you need a VPN for Malaysia

Malaysia is an Asian country with restrictions on certain types of content, and what’s worse - a fairly high cyber crime rating. The easiest way to protect your data from scammers is to use a VPN. For residents and guests of Malaysia it is also an opportunity to gain access to websites and programs that only work in specific countries. An additional benefit will be an increase in Internet speed, which is sometimes artificially cut by providers.

How do I get a VPN for Malaysia?

Getting started with a VPN is easy. You’ll need to follow several simple steps:

  • step 1 Install the program

    Even a child will handle it - you can find the program in the more app stores

  • step 2 Activate the encrypted connection

    After installing the application click the "Connect" button and configure several parameters

  • step 3 Select the location

    You have a whole list of countries at your disposal - most often our clients choose European countries or the USA to get access to the popular content these countries produce.

  • step 4 Make sure everything is in order

    Now it's better to make sure that everything is working correctly - the location is displayed properly in search engines or applications with maps. Check where you are according to the internet.

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What do you get by trusting Switcherry

  • Access to original content

    Regardless of our preferences, more and more often it may be necessary to use original sources with video or text files - for example, for work or study purposes. But how can you find the book you need when it’s in restricted access? Switcherry VPN is here to help - no more restrictions!

  • Anonymity and security

    Despite the active struggle against cyber crime, fraudsters come up with new ways to deceive netizens. This is why it’s important to not give them the slightest chance to get their greasy hands on your data - anything from your current location to the search history and your bank card info can pose a threat.

  • Leak prevention

    In addition to the data that we ourselves put online when making purchases or even just Googling something, hackers can also get the files that are stored directly on your devices. A VPN will protect all your photos and documents so that you don't need to worry about possible unpleasant surprises caused by scammers.

  • Working comfortably

    Those who often visit Malaysia have probably already had to deal with the fact that in some places the Internet speed is not very good. It’s pretty simple to resolve that issue though - a nice bonus of using VPN Switcherry is an increase in connection speed, which you will notice immediately.

  • Save money

    Online shopping is often more pleasurable if the online store system “sees” you as a user from another country. Just go to your favorite website with a different IP address and check the prices - they’ll probably be different.

  • Bypass bans

    The Malaysian authorities regulate online content, which can be a problem for the average user - since not every banned website actually has something illegal on it. Bans can often be issued by mistake or simply due to the prejudice of the person handing them out. We are convinced that you have the right to choose for yourself what content to view!

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Malaysia loves Switcherry VPN


"I have been living here for several years, I have been using the application for a long time, I am absolutely satisfied. Everything runs smoothly, I’ve yet to encounter any sort of issue, I recommend it to everyone :)"

Danny Georgetown May 24, 2020

"I moved to Malaysia not so long ago and was immediately faced with restrictions, it was impossible to watch my usual showsl, a lot of my content was unavailable. I had to start using a VPN, chose Switcherry and haven’t regretted it once. Everything works fast, I like everything about it."

Vasilisa Malacca November 3, 2020

"I am concerned with my data’s security and a lot of the content I view comes from the USA and Europe. I also study a lot online, so having a VPN is an absolute must. I’m very glad I was recommended this specific application."

Muhammad Kuatan January 4, 2021


  • What do I need to do if I want to reveal my real location?

    Turning a VPN off is easy - just go to the app settings and turn it off for a while.

  • Are there any requirements for devices on which Switcherry can be installed?

    The program works on devices that support modern software Android. There are no additional requirements for laptops or smartphones.

  • Which country should I choose?

    It depends on your wishes - if you just want to bypass restrictions and make sure you stay anonymous, then any European country in which these restrictions do not apply will do.

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