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VPN by Switcherry - the ability to access restricted content without in depth knowledge of how to bypass locks and be confident in your security.


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Why do you need a VPN for Mongolia?

Mongolia - a country in East Asia, where there are often restrictions on certain types of content, and the speed of the Internet connection leaves much to be desired. To solve these problems, residents and guests of the country use a free VPN service. Switcherry helps you stay anonymous online and bypass even the most complex types of blocking.

How to get a VPN for Mongolia?

To get all the benefits of working with Switcherry, you need to perform just 4 simple steps:

  • step 1 Installation

    Download the app

  • step 2 Connection

    Complete the installation and launch the VPN technology

  • step 3 Selecting a location

    Choose the desired location that will be displayed on the network instead of your real geolocation

  • step 4 All done

    Check if everything works correctly using the navigation app or Google search engine

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What does a Switcherry VPN offer

  • Access to any content without restrictions

    Now you can watch any programs and visit any sites, because connecting to the service allows you to change the displayed geolocation and even watch home TV in many countries and regions.

  • Ability to use blocked apps

    Blocking apps that are not acceptable to the authorities is practiced not only in Mongolia, but also in many other countries. Not everyone likes such manifestations of censorship - we give you the opportunity to decide for yourself whether to use a particular application or a blocked web resource.

  • Personal data protection

    Many of us store a huge amount of personal information on computers and smartphones, which should not fall into the wrong hands. With a Switcherry VPN, you can protect your photos, documents, and other important data from hacker attacks by scammers.

  • Security and anonymity

    Using the Internet, we leave a huge number of «traces» every day - information about our purchases and preferences. It is used not only by large companies that launch advertising campaigns based on the collected data, but also by fraudsters. Secure yourself with the Switcherry VPN service!

  • Profitable online shopping

    Many online stores use customer location data and generate prices based on this data. If you use a VPN, you can easily make shopping more profitable - order your favorite products at prices in other countries!

  • Increase connection speed

    Many providers artificially underestimate the speed of Internet access, which is beneficial for them, but negatively affects the impression of customers. We believe that everyone has the right to quickly find everything you need on the network, so our application also allows you to increase the connection speed.

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Mongolia likes Switcherry VPN


"I constantly use a VPN, without it it is impossible to find high-quality content on the network for a very long time. Plus, it's security. I worry about it all the time. Thanks!"

Anatoly Muren January 24, 2020

"Thanks to the service, I learned English and now I watch training videos on YouTube, I am very grateful and glad that I started using it."

Tsubodai Choibalsan June 1, 2018

"I came to Mongolia to visit relatives, before that I was worried for a long time that I would not see an important program for myself - my boyfriend participated there and could win the main prize, and I'm sitting here. But everything turned out to be seen thanks to Switcherry, I'm very happy about it!"

Alice Ulaanbaatar August 5, 2019


  • How many countries are available to choose from?

    The app has more than 130 countries to display as your position - choose the one that you need or any European one to get access to most of the high-quality content on the web.

  • How can Switcherry help me stay anonymous?

    The effect of a VPN is that a second connection is formed on top of your normal connection - it encrypts the transmitted data and makes communication on the network safe and comfortable.

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