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We understand the importance of being able to safely and anonymously browse the internet, which is why we created Switcherry VPN.


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Why do you need a VPN for Pakistan

Pakistan, like a number of other Middle Eastern countries, has strict Internet laws. Major websites like YouTube, Twitter and Reddit are blocked for hosting “blasphemous content”. A single video, article or keyword can turn into an excuse to ban the entire site. Foreign media and certain Wikipedia pages are also banned. It is not uncommon for Internet resources to be blocked by accident - even when they don’t feature any illegal content. To bypass existing bans and be prepared for new ones, we recommend that you install Switcherry.

How do I get a VPN for Pakistan?

Getting started with a VPN is easy with just 4 simple steps:

  • step 1 Installing

    Download and Install Switcherry VPN on your computer

  • step 2 Connecting

    Launch the app and click "Connect"

  • step 3 Selecting a location

    Select the VPN server you want to connect to

  • step 4 All done

    Enjoy your favorite content with peace of mind

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What Switcherry VPN offers

  • Watch what you want

    Netflix and similar streaming services are not banned in Pakistan, but not all content is available due to regional restrictions, while YouTube is blocked entirely. Stay on top of your favorite movies and TV shows with a VPN.

  • Access to blocked websites and applications

    It is important for our users in Pakistan to receive up-to-date and reliable information. Switcherry provides access not only to popular applications, but also to foreign media, as well as news outlets of multiple topics.

  • Maintain your anonymity

    Internet providers store data about which pages on the Internet you visited, and are also obliged to transfer it to law enforcement agencies upon request. A VPN will camouflage your online activities.

  • Protect your devices

    Gadgets have become an integral part of our lives: we trust them to store much of our personal data, such as bank card info and private messages. Don't let hackers hijack your sensitive data.

  • Don't sacrifice speed

    People seem to think that having a VPN slows down your Internet connection. That indeed used to be the case, but with the advent of more advanced technology the problem is now no more. We guarantee high speed both in Pakistan and the rest of the world.

  • Save money

    Products in online stores or subscriptions to various services in different countries may differ in price. Choose the IP of the country where the price is the lowest and treat yourself to more nice things!

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Pakistan loves Switcherry VPN


"Security, privacy, reliability, speed - that's what Switcherry is all about. Best VPN I've used and I've used quite a few. I recommend it to both residents and guests of Pakistan."

Yazid H. Faisalabad January 30, 2020

"At the start of 2020 I had to go to Pakistan for a business trip, so I had to choose a VPN for myself. Out of a long list of candidates I picked Switcherry. During the month I spent in the country it hasn’t let me down once!"

Emily B. Austria June 10, 2020

"I've always used paid VPNs because I thought there were no good free ones. That was until I downloaded Switcherry just out of morbid curiosity. For a year now I’ve had reliable protection, thank you so much!"

Akmal R. Islamabad November 3, 2020


  • Does my ISP see what I do online?

    No, when you connect to the Internet, an encrypted “tunnel” is created, the data from which is not visible to ISPs or to scammers trying to hijack your device.

  • Can I use instant messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber?

    Yes, you can install any application and visit any site. To do this, you need to select the IP of a country where this resource is available. IP addresses of almost 130 countries at your disposal.

  • How much does your VPN cost?

    It’s free. We work to ensure that every user has access to a reliable and fast VPN.

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