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Why do you need a VPN for Singapore?

Singapore - the world's financial center, home to almost six million people. But, as in many other states, Singapore may have difficulties with the state's attempt to control the Internet. In addition, scammers trade in all corners of the web space and encroach on the personal data of ordinary citizens. Many people download the app in order to enjoy home programs - this is another advantage of Switcherry, which will not leave any tourist indifferent.

How to get a VPN for Singapore?

Becoming a satisfied user is quite simple:

  • step 1 Installing

    Download and install the app

  • step 2 Connecting

    Start the procedure for encrypting the transmitted data

  • step 3 Selecting a location

    Select the desired service that will be read by the network as your real location

  • step 4 All done

    To check if everything works correctly, you can do this using maps or search engines

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What we offer

  • Access to blocked sites and apps

    Blocking apps that are objectionable to the authorities is practiced not only in Singapore, but also in many other countries. Not everyone likes such manifestations of censorship - we give you the opportunity to decide for yourself whether to use a particular application or a blocked web resource.

  • Security and anonymity

    Large companies have been collecting «dossiers» on us for a long time - thanks to the data they receive, they set up advertising companies for us and use marketing moves that will seem most attractive to us. But this is not the worst thing - it is even worse if personal data falls into the hands of fraudsters and causes lost money.

  • Access to any content without restrictions

    Now you can watch any programs and visit any sites, because connecting to the service allows you to change the displayed geolocation and even watch home TV in many countries and regions.

  • Protecting your personal archives

    Many people lose sight of the fact that hackers can access not only what we put directly on the Internet - with the help of modern viruses and programs, they can even get to the files on our own devices, and such a leak can significantly damage and certainly no one will like it.

  • Economy

    Online shopping has become even more popular in the last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Have you already tried changing the displayed location and visiting your favorite store? You may be pleasantly surprised by how the pricing policy on the site will change.

  • Speed boost

    Slowing down the speed is not always the deliberate fault of the provider - sometimes it's just a malfunction of the servers. But a nice bonus of using the Switcherry VPN in Singapore will be an improved connection - this is noted by all our customers who have already installed the app.

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Singapore likes Switcherry VPN


"I have lived in Singapore for a year - my husband and I came on a long-term business trip. As soon as I arrived, I was very upset with the quality of the Internet and the fact that I could no longer watch what I was used to at home - even YouTube seemed to work differently. A friend advised me to install a VPN and everything became as before, now I feel at home in Singapore."

Melissa Jurong December 31, 2020

"I have been studying programming for several years, so I was looking for a high-quality service to protect all my files and data, it was somehow scary, in fact. The more you learn about how the Internet works, the more you are afraid!)) I downloaded Switcherry, I use it from the very beginning and everything is fine. There were no problems."

Alexey Tumasik March 10, 2018

"I often buy on the Internet - in reality, there is no time for shopping, because I am constantly studying, plus looking through catalogs after a hard day is very relaxing. I recently learned that it is much more pleasant to buy at regional prices. To do this, first VPN, like it :))))"

Venera Jurong April 4, 2017


  • What changes if you connect to a VPN?

    The displayed location changes - on the web, it will look like you are in another country, which helps you visit all regional sites and watch local programs on television.

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