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Why do you need a VPN for Taiwan?

Taiwan - a very small island state, which is located next to China. Local residents and tourists often have to face the problem of poor - quality communication and restrictions on the network - the federal authorities of many states have recently tightened censorship. To decide for yourself what is available on the Internet is worthy of your attention, you only need to install the Switcherry application - using a VPN is also a guarantee of security, because all the transmitted data will be securely encrypted.

How to get a VPN for Taiwan

If you are going on a tourist trip, follow a few steps to feel confident:

  • step 1 Installing

    Install the Switcherry app from the official app store or follow the link from our website

  • step 2 Connecting

    Connect to a free VPN server

  • step 3 Selecting a location

    Choose one of the 130 suggested countries

  • step 4 All done

    Check the displayed location

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What does a Switcherry VPN offer?

  • Access to regional resources

    Together with Switcherry, you can enjoy home TV channels and websites - for example, watch football or visit Russian online stores, which may be difficult to access in Taiwan.

  • Bypassing unfair locks

    In some cases, the reasons for blocking a resource are unclear, or are not explained at all by the state. We believe that each user has the right to independently decide what content they need to consume. Censorship is not our choice!

  • Improved access speed

    A nice bonus of using a VPN from Switcherry will be an increase in the speed of access to sites and applications - the difference is noticeable already at the first connection.

  • Personal data protection

    Every year hackers become more skilled and sophisticated - this is confirmed by the statistics of cybercrime. Protect your data - use a free VPN!

  • Leak prevention

    A lot of personal files with a laptop and smartphone seem to us invulnerable to detractors, but scammers have long learned to gain access to your photos and work documents. Don't give them a chance to use them to their detriment.

  • Save money on online shopping

    In Taiwan, it is quite difficult to find clothes from European stores directly, so fashionistas prefer to shop online - in many cases, the «home» prices for well-known brands are much lower than on local resources.

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People like VPN by Switcherry in Taiwan


"I came to Taiwan three years ago with my son to study. Since then, we have been constantly using a VPN, which we have not tried - we only liked Switcherry, since then we have not changed it once."

Elena Taipei September 18, 2019

"I store important work documents in the cloud and do not worry about security. Switcherry will take care of everything."

Alexander Tainan July 12, 2020

"My wife buys things in online stores, and I watch football. I often switch to the regional resources of the teams whose game I watch, so that everything works faster and everything is clear."

Aramis Jilun March 25, 2020


  • What does VPN change?

    The displayed location will change - during any actions on the network, the servers read your geo-location, which affects many factors, from pricing to blocking.

  • How much does the use of Switcherry cost?

    The application can be installed completely free of charge from the official stores and by following the link.

  • Will I find the country I need?

    Our list includes more than 130 countries, so we are sure that everyone will find exactly what they need.

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