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VPN is a tool for secure online browsing, and Switcherry will provide you with a reliable data protection program.


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Why do you need a VPN for Ukraine

Ukraine is technically a democracy, but that doesn’t stop local authorities from blocking websites with certain types of content. To obtain permanent access to these resources, we recommend you instal a VPN. This software will allow you to protect your device from hackers and scammers. The residents of Ukraine and guests of this beautiful country use special software to conceal their real location when they go online. They can access any website without restrictions or sacrificing Internet speed.

How do I get a VPN for Ukraine?

Getting started with a VPN is easy with just 4 simple steps:

  • step 1 Installing

    Download and Install Switcherry VPN on your computer

  • step 2 Connecting

    Launch the app and click "Connect"

  • step 3 Selecting a location

    Select the VPN server you want to connect to (any country besides Ukraine)

  • step 4 All done

    Enjoy your favorite content with peace of mind

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What Switcherry VPN offers

  • Access to any streaming service

    Residents of Ukraine aren’t always able to watch foreign channels because the website it’s hosted on got blocked. A VPN lets you bypass all multimedia restrictions.

  • Open any website and launch any program

    The government of Ukraine also likes to dilly-dally with blocking unwanted web resources. Some unlicensed software won’t open or download. A VPN will grant you access to any website and any program.

  • No more identity verification

    Law enforcement agencies, hackers, large corporations and other organizations constantly monitor ordinary users. This can all be avoided by installing a VPN.

  • Protect your devices

    The autofill system saves your passwords and logins from important sites. A hacker can access all text and graphics information. Switcherry will make sure all your sensitive data is yours and yours alone.

  • Stable loading speed

    Internet providers intentionally cut down on users’ browsing speed to save a buck. But if you paid for a service, you deserve to have it delivered to you in its entirety. A VPN will let you get services of only the highest quality.

  • Save money

    In foreign online stores, the cost of certain goods is sometimes lower. Blocks prevent users from accessing these websites. Switcherry will solve this problem – all you need to do is select an appropriate country.

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Switcherry VPN – perfect for Ukraine


"For political reasons, providers here block certain resources. I want to read the latest news on specific websites and know what is happening in other countries."

Vitalina Kiev September 26, 2020

"Any modern user should be concerned with protecting their devices. I choose a reliable VPN, and I keep it turned on almost all the time."

Bogdan Kharkov October 03, 2020

"Our city is pretty small and the provider here constantly cuts corners by limiting the speed of our Internet - unfortunately, there is no alternative. I believe that any paid service should be provided in full."

Valery Mukachevo December 29, 2020


  • On what devices can I install Switcherry VPN?

    The program works on any mobile and stationary device that runs Android

  • How exactly does a VPN protect me?

    After you launch the VPN, a sort of tunnel is created. A space is created inside this tunnel that encrypts all outgoing data. Switcherry uses 256-bit encryption.

  • The IP addresses of how many countries can I choose from?

    Currently, you can choose from 130 countries, Ukraine being one of them.

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