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The most common reason for why you can’t access the streaming service is that you’ve changed your physical location. Why is it happening? Here are the three top reasons why streaming services might be blocked.

Content licensing restrictions

Big service providers like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu have license agreements that entitle them to show explicit content in certain geographic regions only. These agreements could be pretty specific: some movies are not allowed in various countries because of local laws, others are available only for limited time, etc.

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Government censorship

The reason could also be political. Some governments just block websites with “inappropriate” content, for example, if the movie is somewhat considered to be “culturally offensive”. You also need to check with local laws and make sure that using a VPN service in your country is not a crime.

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Work or school censorship

Streaming could be considered “distracting” and restricted in certain offices or educational institutions. IT specialists are blocking streaming services with content filtering software, often along with a handful of useful websites.

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How do streaming restrictions work?

Here are two factors that indicate that someone is blocking you from accessing streaming content:

  • Your network

    This is the start and end points of content restrictions. Certain set of rules is established by those who control the network, and as they vary in size, it could be just one building or even the whole state. If you are allowed to view content in a small network (of your local provider), but it is forbidden on a larger scale (like in your country), a restriction of higher-level network will block that content.

  • Your IP address

    You are your IP address in the eyes of the ISP. You’re identified by this unique string of digits that is given to every device on the internet, and it's normally tied to your physical location. However, with a service like Switcherry VPN, you borrow the IP address from one of our servers. The system thinks that you are located in some other place and doesn’t apply local restrictions to you. Test it yourself, download Switcherry VPN, and start a free trial right now!

Streaming content with Switcherry VPN

We work hard to provide you with high-quality access to your favorite streaming content. Switcherry VPN lets you freely access the following types of content:

  • Recorded content

    Watch movies, TV shows, and listen to music online, no matter where you are.

  • Live events

    Watch your favorite sports events and live shows from any location in the world.

  • Games

    Stream your favorite gaming content wherever you are.


There are two popular solutions used to unblock streaming content: VPNs and proxy servers. Let’s explore them ans see what's best.


Switcherry VPN basically gives you the same benefits as a proxy server, with some interesting additions:

  • We do not log or share your data (not every VPN does this)
  • Thousands of VPN servers, one of the world’s fastest
  • Secure data encryption between your device and our servers

Proxy server

There are lots of free proxy server services on the web, and most of them share the following risks:

  • Proxy servers can easily log your browsing history
  • Not enough speed for streaming content
  • Your data is often not encrypted at all

Using Switcherry VPN, therefore, has significant advantages over using a simple proxy server.

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